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Update 9.1: SLAM of STEEL this Wednesday, 9/4! What better way to spend a Wednesday evening than to take advantage of Boise's one-and-only free speech event? What: Slam of Steel!
When: Wednesday,
Sep 1, 2013
Update 8.12: Poetry Slam deLux NEXT MONDAY, August 19th! Next Monday is the third Monday in August, which means it's time for more Slam deLux! Bring your poems, buy some booze, and woo the audience into scoring you
Aug 12, 2013
Update 8.27: Poetry Slam deLux TONIGHT It's the third Monday in July meaning it's time for Poetry Slam deLux featuring 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac! Bring a friend and come have some fun! What: Poetry
Jul 15, 2013
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Update 8.26: deLux with feature in one week Poetry Slam deLux is in one week! There will be a feature-- 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac. Who are they you ask? They are boys. There are two of them. They're
Jul 8, 2013
Update 8.25: Slam of Steel TOMORROW Guys! Slam of Steel is less than 24 hours away! There will be poetry. There will be a feature (singer/songwriter Phoebe Hoffman). There will be a workshop
Jul 2, 2013
Update 8.23: Slam of Steel in five days Slam of Steel is in exactly five days and what better way to celebrate 4th of July Eve than with some music and poetry! What: Slam of Steel featuring
Jun 28, 2013
Update 8.22: Poetry Slam deLux tomorrow Poetry Slam deLux at Pengilly's is tomorrow night! 8pm sharp. Like the cheese. Bring your friends, bring your grandma, bring your neighbors, and bring
Jun 16, 2013
Update 8.21: Poetry Slam deLux at Pengilly's Poetry Slam deLux is this coming Monday! Remember, we'll be at Pengilly's this time, not Neurolux. What: Poetry Slam deLux at PENGILLY'S When: June 17; sign
Jun 11, 2013
Update 8.20: Slam of Steel and Boise 150! Tomorrow's Slam of Steel is a special one. We are celebrating Boise's Sesquicentennial with a special performance by Team Boise of poems written about Boise.
Jun 4, 2013
Update 8.19: Special edition of Slam of Steel in one week!!! Slam of Steel is one week away and what a slam it will be! The June edition of our all-ages slam is a special celebration of the Boise Sesquicentennial (I
May 29, 2013
Update 8.18: Poetry Slam deLux TONIGHT It's the third Monday of May and if the past is any indication that means Poetry Slam deLux is tonight at 8pm! Bring your poetry, bring your friends, bring you
May 20, 2013
Update 8.17: Poetry Slam deLux in one week Poetry Slam deLux is one week away! That means you have seven days to write a poem, write another poem, practice the first poem, practice the second poem, get
May 13, 2013
Update 8.16: Slam of Steel is tonight! Hello and welcome to Wednesday, May 1. Tonight there will be a poetry slam at The Crux. A free workshop at 6pm will kick the night off and the slam will begin
May 1, 2013
Update 8.15: Slam of Steel + New Season! May 1 is fast approaching and you know what that means—Slam of Steel! Join us at The Crux at 6pm for a free writing workshop and stay for the slam at 7pm.
Apr 28, 2013
Update 8.14: Finals tomorrow night! On April 15, 1850 the city of San Francisco was incorporated. On the same day in 1896, the first Olympic Games closed in Athens, Greece while the first walk
Apr 14, 2013
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Update 8.13: Finals! Finals! Finals! Finals is one week away and the field of competitors is set! Your top eight poets from the 2012-2013 year are: Cheryl Maddalena Ben Whipple Conor Harris
Apr 8, 2013
Update 8.12: Slam of Steel featuring singer/songwriter Gabe Hess! Slam of Steel featuring singer/songwriter Gabe Hess is tomorrow night! This is your last chance to earn points before finals. Points are listed below and as
Apr 2, 2013
Update 8.11: Poetry Slam deLux is here! Poetry Slam deLux is tomorrow night (or tonight if you're reading this on Monday)! This is the second to last slam before finals and your second to last
Mar 17, 2013
Update 9.0: Slam deLux, Points, and the Langston Hughes Project Poetry Slam deLux is in one week! It is your second to last chance to earn points before finals! See where you are in the points below and plan accordingly! As
Mar 11, 2013
Update 8.9: Slam of Steel featuring GUYSLIKEYOU! We interrupt your internet-ing for this important reminder: Slam of Steel featuring guyslikeyou is tonight at 7pm at The Crux. A free Boise Centric writing
Mar 6, 2013
Update 8.8: Slam of Steel and Points Three things. One, it's the Pope's last day. Two, the sun is shining. Three, Slam of Steel featuring guyslikeyou is in one week! Hallelujah! Once again, points
Feb 27, 2013
Update 8.7: Poetry Slam deLux featuring Roma Raye TONIGHT! You know what's so great about today aside from it being a day off from school for Presidents Day? It's poetry slam day! Come on down to Neurolux tonight for
Feb 18, 2013
Update 8.6: Upcoming Slams! It's 10:54am and I sit here on a giant beanbag pondering what to write in the next poetry update. Suddenly I remember Valentines Day is coming up! I think,
Feb 11, 2013
Update 8.5: Slam of Steel is TONIGHT! Come on down to The Crux TONIGHT for an evening of poetry! There will be a FREE Boise Centric Writing Workshop at 6pm followed by a poetry slam at 7pm! Anyone
Feb 6, 2013
Update 8.4: Slam of Steel and points! The first order of business is telling you that Slam of Steel featuring singer/songwriter Phoebe Hoffman is one week from tomorrow! The second order of
Jan 29, 2013
Update 8.3: Poetry Slam deLux is TONIGHT! Are your clothes in the dryer getting warmed up for tonight? Did you know you were encouraged to do that in the last Boise Poetry email? Did you know it's
Jan 21, 2013
Update 8.2: Poetry Slam deLux in 9 days! If you've looked out a window recently or driven a car or attempted to walk or gone outside for any reason whatsoever, you've probably noticed an ungodly
Jan 12, 2013
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Update 8.1: Slam of Steel is TONIGHT at The Crux! This calendar year may just be underway, but the 2012-2013 Big Tree Arts slam season is 3/4 over already! Do you have the points necessary to put you in the
Jan 2, 2013
Update 7.30: Final Slam of 2012 is TONIGHT! Considering that 2012 was one of those awesome years in which the United States of America won both the Olympics AND the presidential election, it's going to
Dec 17, 2012
Update 7.29: Slam of Steel is at The Crux TOMORROW We're four days into December, and you mean to tell me that you are not yet filled to your eyeskins with a frothing and unbridled torrent of insane holiday
Dec 4, 2012
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