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  • Kim Parker
    Apr 25 5:42 PM
      I think that's an excellent idea, Luisa. Getting the name and phone # of everyone on our block and then distributing it to each house so they could call the homeowner if something doesn't look right sounds like a great way for neighbors to look out for one another.  Some folks might not want to give out their # but at least we could give them the list that we have and ask them to call the homeowner if they see something fishy.  I think that the list should be only the homes on the immediate block, tho.  On my block it's about 20 homes although on the longer streets I know it's several more.  If someone here (not me, sooo bad w/computers) could create a form w/name, house #, and phone # and then maybe post it here so someone from each block could make copies and then go get their neighbor's info. that would be wonderful.  "Any takers out there in Bodger?"  I would be more than willing to walk to all the homes of my block and try to get the info.  If at least one person on other blocks are willing to do that as well, I think we should somehow have a central map/listing where we know which blocks are listed and which are not.  Perhaps we can reach out to those blocks and find someone willing to help.  Anyway, GREAT idea!  Bodger Park is a great neighborhood with really great people.  Let's work together to keep it that way, K  

      On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 11:21 AM, LUISA MENDOZA <familyof1531@...> wrote:

      Thank you Jose, I will call Claudio and see how many people can we get invold, around our neighbor hood.
      I know summer is around the Conner and it will start to have more teens out on the streets and you never know. The  one thing we are happy is that
      in our street we know when someone doesn't belong here.

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