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Re: [bobbinlace] Re: Newbie to this group

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  • Joy McKenzie
    The one I use and show in the photos on the Bobbin lace group, is really a purn winder for my shuttles used with my weaving loom...for using it to wind lace
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 16 6:04 PM
      The  one I use and show in the photos on the Bobbin lace group,  is really a purn winder for my shuttles used with my weaving loom...for  using it to wind lace bobbins, I just clamp it to a table, I put a piece of calico doubled over the long metal piece...this is so that my bobbins don't get scratched... and using the  2 small Bulldog clips I secure the lace bobbin to the long metal piece then I start winding and guiding the cotton as I go...much quicker than doing it by hand.
      I do have a Sidewinder for winding my Aero bobbins, I always use my Aero shuttles for tatting, although I have many others
      If you need further information please send me another e-mail
      Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 10:45 AM
      Subject: RE: Re: [bobbinlace] Re: Newbie to this group

      Joy in OZ  i have a question.........on your slide show i see a bobbin winder just like mine can you tell me how you use it.......i would love to know how to use mine do you use it for winding bobbin lace bobbins, tatting or is it for weaving bobbins?




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      Your very welcome, there are other bobbin makers overseas,

      Happy Lacing

      From: moorup4
      Sent: Friday, August 30, 2013 4:38 PM
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      Thank you Joy in OZ!!

      Nice to see another Aussie. I'm sure there is a great representation of many countries here.

      I appreciate the list of Australian Bobbin makers, and so will follow that up. Then will look further afield.

      Susan, W. Aust

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      > Hello Susan and welcome to this group, Below is a list of Bobbin makers in Australia, I live in Melbourne and thought you might like this list, of course there are many bobbin makers the world over so you may like to Google some more
      > Hugs
      > Joy in OZ (Australia)
      > ******************************************
      > Beadworld
      > Currumbin
      > Queensland
      > Australia
      > E-mail: Beadwld@...
      > ******************************************
      > Brian Lemin
      > 11/28 Deaves Rd.
      > Cooranbong
      > N.S.W., 2265
      > Australia
      > E-mail: Brian@...
      > ******************************************
      > John Beswick
      > Pocket Bobbin Winders
      > Australia
      > E-mail: dollyco@...
      > ******************************************
      > Malcolm Fielding Bobbins
      > Malcolm Fielding
      > Oakford Cottage
      > 85 Oakfords Road
      > Wattle Grove
      > Tasmania 7109
      > Australia
      > E-mail: malcolmf@...
      > ******************************************
      > The Patchwork Shop
      > Cnr. Gladstone & Victoria Streets
      > Hall Village, ACT 2618
      > Australia
      > e

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