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Re: [boatdesign] Re: How to design?

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  • john colley
    Stormbringer is 36 across the bottom panel by 16 long.Max beam at gun l is 41 .With just my wife and i paddling we draw only one inch if you don y count the
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 1, 2009
      Stormbringer is 36" across the bottom panel by 16' long.Max beam at gun'l is 41".With just my wife and i paddling we draw only one inch if you don'y count the 1x1" "keel".

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      > Hi, I've been around for a while but just now posting. Is there a
      > primer on how to design a boat?

      Yes, there is a primer. More than one. A good one is "How To Design A
      Boat" by John Teale.

      I'm not a fisherman, nor a hunter, so I'm not real familiar with the
      sort of boat you are interested in. However, in this group, we do not
      need familiarity to have opinions. I think that for the stability you
      want to be able to stand, you need to look at waterline length and
      waterline beam. Beam is a bit more important, and I'm sure there is
      some practical minimum for your use, I guess somewhere around 30 inches.

      The Bolger "Canoe" design on the Instant Boats site
      (http://www.instantb oats.com/ canoe.html) is 28 inches and is not
      stable enough. This is partly because, at only 13' length), it sinks
      too deep in the water, and the displacement is toward the middle.

      The Free Canoe plans from Boat Plans Online
      (http://www.bateau2 com/free/ ccanoeUS. PDF) is about the same length,
      and only 2" wider, but it might do because of the flat bottom. If you
      ask around the internet enough, you can get an opinion, I'm sure.

      Another boat to look at for comparison purposes is the Six Hour Canoe.
      There is a lot of stuff on the internet about it, so you should be
      able to get an idea. Chris Crandall called it "tiddley" which may not
      be a good sign. It about 31" beam.

      Another boat about the same size is Jim Michalak's Piragua.
      (http://www.duckwork sbbs.com/ plans/jim/ piragua/index. htm) In the
      writeup, Michalak says he could "barely stand", so you probably want
      more than 30" beam or 13' length. He has an 18' version too, and
      doesn't recommend that for standing. A good idea would be to email
      Michalak directly asking how big a boat would have to be. He has a lot
      of experience in these simple boats, and is open to inquiries.

      I have not seen a posting of the beam on the Vermont dory, but it
      seems to be designed as a rowboat, and is probably over 36" beam.


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