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Re: Amas as Tugs

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  • Stefan Probst
    ... OK. ... Go figure. ... Nothing in particular. But I can t imagine that it should not be possible to mount some wire rod, stiff or flexibe (like the gas
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 1 12:48 AM
      --- Mike Goodwin <panmanii@p...> wrote:
      > You have more drag with 2 lower units and 2 props,
      > the bigger prop on a 9.9 gives more thrust at better torque range.


      > The amount of loss depends on the torque curve and prop choice.
      > Big deal in smaller motors, 3 each 200 hp motors are better than 1
      > 600hp and much cheaper.

      Go figure.

      > Never seen a 5 hp outboard that had remote control capabilities,
      > what brand do you plan to use?

      Nothing in particular. But I can't imagine that it should not be
      possible to mount some wire rod, stiff or flexibe (like the gas
      control on a motorbike). On the other end connect that rod to a small
      servo motor like they are used e.g. for R/C models.

      > I have a feeling they are going to look at your total HP
      > regardless of how many little motors there are.
      > That is the way it is done in most of the world,

      Well, this is what the law says:
      "Tow convoy means a convoy of many vessels assembled together
      and moving thanks to a motorized vessel exclusively used for pulling,
      pushing or towing alongside."

      Note: It is not "two" vessels, but "many". Another paragraph says:
      "Mixed tow convoy means a tow convoy assembled in lines propelled
      by at least two of three modes of pulling, pushing
      and towing alongside."
      Means: It is allowed to have at least two propelling vessels in a tow
      convoy. In other words: two tugs for one barge are ok.

      Now, is the main boat a barge?
      It can float on its own, it can carry people and load, it has no own

      Now, is the "active ama" a tug?
      It can float on its own, it can move on its own, it can carry the
      steersman, it is fastened to the barge only by ropes.

      But they could get me for operating a vessel (the "tugs") without "man
      over board" signals. ;) Remember, the steersman is not inside the tug,
      but at a central helm. The tugs are remote controlled.

      If this is a problem, I could build some aircraft carrier mockup and
      "sell" it as R/C toy (ship model). I am not aware that toys would need
      a license. I hope that there are no power limits.... ;)

      > got your bribe money ready?

      I never pay bribes.
      I might however be willing to offer some gifts to foster the
      friendship with somebody in certain offices who is similarly minded
      like myself (i.e. considers this as a "tow convoy")....

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