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Re: Summer breeze rig details

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  • J.V.
    Thanks to any who read and pitied, but suddenly I m able to again access Dave s (wonderful) website, and I ve saved the image from it that I need. I ll be sure
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2004
      Thanks to any who read and pitied, but suddenly I'm able to again
      access Dave's (wonderful) website, and I've saved the image from it
      that I need.
      I'll be sure to post some pictures of "One Sheet to the Wind" when
      she's wrapped up.
      Joe vandenEnden

      --- In boatdesign@yahoogroups.com, "J.V." <jvandene2112@y...> wrote:
      > Hi gang.
      > Following reasonable success with a low-commitment try at
      > boatbuilding/sailing, Herb McLeod's OSS, I was ready to dive right
      > in. So.....
      > I'm just about wrapped on my target build, David Beede's Summer
      > Breeze, but I've hit a snag. You see, I've been doing the
      > work almost exclusively from his web page (with the exception of
      > printing out the board-usage patterns), coming to the computer to
      > bring up the website for each step of construction (beautifully
      > written, by the way Dave).
      > Long story short (too late, perhaps), it's time to fasten the
      > leeboard and cut the sail, and I can't get the site up anymore due
      > some kind of overloaded bandwidth error (I guess it's become quite
      > popular).
      > Really, there's only one last diagram I need, the one titled
      > TSSMsailrig6.gif (if my scribbled notes can be trusted). It
      > sought-after sail dimensions and placement of the leeboard on the
      > hull.
      > I would be much obliged if one of you good citizens would have a
      > around on the ol' hard drive for a copy of this .gif file.
      > Thank you for listening to this (surely heart-rending and sympathy
      > inspiring?) story, and in advance for any help.
      > Joe vandenEnden
      > Chatham, Ontario
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