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Selling my micro cruiser

Hello everyone. I wanted to let you guys know I'm trying to sell my Storer Ocean Explorer. I hate to get rid of her but I don't have room. I increased its size
May 24

Re: Tough Flat Bottomed Coral Cruisers?

I found some related already posted in bd2 Files: Boat Design - A place for boat designers. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/boatdesign2/files/Cormorant/
Feb 11

Tough Flat Bottomed Coral Cruisers?

Alan Lucas Cruising In Tropical Waters and Coral (1986) considers the Alcyone to be the ideal all-round cruising boat. Heavy steel bottom (with scrap steel and
Feb 10

Re: WYSIWUG RIB Boat Plans

Any idea what year/month that issue would happen to be?
Jan 25

Re: http://www.robbwhite.com/photos/images/021.jpg

To do that you'll need to get out your drawing tools or, as you suggest, carve a model. Building by eye is just as the term suggests. No plans, do you like the
Mark Albanese
Jan 2

Re: http://www.robbwhite.com/photos/images/021.jpg

After re-reading, i should make this more clear. The boat I am interested in is not the Sport Boat that is available as plans, but the skiff that has only 1
Jan 2


Sometimes a shape just fits my eye. This skiff http://www.robbwhite.com/photos/images/021.jpg http://www.robbwhite.com/photos/images/021.jpg is just such a
Dec 23, 2014

Re: Selling my Plus Sized Ocean Explorer

Thanks for letting us know Chris. Which leads me to ask, anyone selling/know of a Welsford Walkabout for sale? That is a design that sends me over the moon.
Jerry McIntire
Dec 17, 2014
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Selling my Plus Sized Ocean Explorer

Hey guys, I listed my last build on Ebay under "Sailboat Microcruiser" if anyone wants to take a look. I will give a fair price as it includes an almost brand
Dec 16, 2014

Re: mast diam.

If the displacement also went up 10 percent, and the ballast also went up 10 percent, and you didn't do anything to raise or lower weight, then I'd say you
Oct 25, 2014

Re: Digest Number 5325

Hi, I think you have the wrong Glenn. I have posted nothing to this conversation. On Wednesday, August 20, 2014 6:52 PM, "Mark Albanese marka97203@...
glenn reed
Aug 24, 2014

Mast size/strength? ... Michalak? (was Re: Digest Number 5325)

Mast size/strength? As Peter indicated it begins with your hull stability curve. it doesn't matter how big the sail or how strong the wind beyond the point
Aug 22, 2014

Re: Digest Number 5325

Ah, then; may this help. http://www.wb-sails.fi/Portals/209338/news/SailPowerCalc/SailPowerCalc.htm Or Jim Michalak's background material.
Mark Albanese
Aug 20, 2014

Re: Digest Number 5325

Thanks for the reply. I should have added that I stretched the foot of each sail 10% and the foresail gaff was lengthened the same. I have worked the combined
G Cook
Aug 20, 2014

Re: mast diam.

Glenn, Adding 10% to length doesn't add much to stability. You haven't said you added to the sail area. This suggests to me that increasing spar diameter will
Mark Albanese
Aug 17, 2014
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