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  • graeme19121984
    May 2, 2014

      Hi All, and happy May Day to ya.


      "It could be as small as Welsford's Tread Lightly or as big as Bolger's Birdwatcher, but as of today, I would go with Michalak's Scam Pram"

      "too old and decrepit"

      "events such as Watertribe and the Texas 200"


      Do you recall what Ray did to his cat 'Slider' for the EC? How he put a cabin over one hull?



      I don't see why that boat is not a good solution... sails and handles well, fairly fast, fairly commodious, shoal draft, stable, sit up in armchair comfort... Go and enclose the second hull too, or go with a collapsable bimini hung with side clip-on/roll-up mesh/vinyl shade/bug/rain screens? I don't see why the boat could not be rigged to do 90% or so of the helming/sailing from within a hard cabin such as Ray added.

      Wiley windows, duckboards, hatches, dorades etc could provide plenty of ventilation to the helm station / bed inside the cabin.

      Auxilliary propulsion for a raid motorless type outing? Ro, yuloh, quick short hops by paddle sitting out on one bow, ..

      Cabins like Ray added don't look like they are going to add more windage than upright seated crew - in the open boat crew comfortably could lay down with just the eyes and top of the head above the rail to cut windage ... just let me fluff up that pillow, ahhh that's nice... Now that's another way a cabin top could be designed with low profile. Go that way for sport/racing, go with the taller cabin for cruising...

      Slider would in most conditions be faster than canoes/kayaks/monohulls. Downplaying the possibility of winning in the class and conditions he faced that year Ray wrote "Slider is built for comfort, not speed", but I do recall how a well found and comfortable enough boat called 'Paradox' won line honours there one time...


      Peter, yahoo boat groups all now have none to little traffic. I don't think it will be fixed... and now they're likely too busy insider trading their stock too...

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