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  • iroadkilli
    Apr 30 8:30 PM
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      Hi Peter,  I have to admit the only thing I don't like about the Scam Pram is the Birdwatcher cabin.  I have to admit I have never sailed with one but it makes me claustrophobic and hot just thinking about being enclosed while sailing.  I'm in FL and don't mind the sun if I can get a breeze and duck into shade occasionally. I am more drawn to Michalak's Blobster
      Its much the same hull but without the birdwatcher cabin, and I have to admit I love the open walk aboard bow.  I think it would be a good choice for me and my wife as we age.

      When I think of long distance group cruises (my wife is not interested) I have actually bought plans for Marsh Duck.
      as a solo boat. I spent years rowing and its well set up for that, looks like a fun quick sailer, has reasonable cargo and sleeping accommodations (ok my standards may be warped by 20 years in the navy with narrow berths).  My only doubt concerns the dagger-board. FL has a LOT of very shallow water and I hate to find it unexpectedly.


      From: pvanderwaart@...

      These days, one of the big drivers in the small boat, home design, home build movement in the US are our long distance group cruises modeled on the European raids. These events such as Watertribe and the Texas 200 are pretty challenging, and some very small and primitive boats have participated. I feel I'm too old and decrepit, given some health problems (I once had all-night cramps after 1 day sailing in the sun.), but I've thought about what kind of boat would be good for me. It would need to have good protection from the elements, and be big enough to sleep in, with insect-proof screening. It could be as small as Welsford's Tread Lightly or as big as Bolger's Birdwatcher, but as of today, I would go with Michalak's Scam Pram. Plans here:

      SP also has the Birdwatcher-type cabin, offering protection from the sun (a requirement for me).

      Peter (moderator)

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