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50221Re: [boatdesign] RE: Books for modern boatbuilding techniques

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  • Gilles Maltais
    Dec 3, 2013
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      There are only few boats offered from time to time which means to travel outside my area (this means 300+ miles round trip) just to seek for.  It is, for that reason, not really convenient unless there is a great deal to be done.  It is no simpler to buy a bulk of marine plywood but building is also a great part of the fun involved.  This is why I am still studying my options but Swaggie is a nose up front in the race, in great part because of its overall simplicity.

      Have a good day ! 

      2013/12/2 <peterevans_33@...>

      JW Swaggie is a nice design, If you like building, then yes its an ok thing to do. But if your interested in being on what water,, then I ask why build it. There are heaps of medium sized monohulls out there, with fixed keels, that you can buy much cheaper than they cost to build. Many many very sound fiberglass boats out there, with fixed lead keels, 22ft to 25ft. All built, all set to go.

      To build a swaggie, then add all the extras, depth souder, barometer, stove, anchor etc, its going to cost 20K US dollars  easily. You can buy something very sound in fiberglass that is all set to go for half the price. They might be old, but they are totally fine boats. 

      Of course if you want to spend a year or more doing your own thing,, then ok build it. So much work, big dollars in accessories.

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      These links seem really nice and a good complement to Gougeon book...

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