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50216RE: Sailing a northerner 28 review

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  • peterevans_33
    Dec 3, 2013


      I found your sketches


      So ballast is moved inboard to the hull and you have a shallow vee bottom, In my opinion this is getting back to the boats of antiquity, Yes they worked, they did not go fast though and did not point upwind well. Boat will be slow as without an external keel righting moment is much less, thus sail area must be much much less

      Some of the boats of antiquity were decked over to keep the water out, as is this, I guess you can add modern engines, radios, barometers, epirbs etc, all reduce risk, To me it looks as though you have copied a boat from the middle ages, put on a deck and made it out of modern materials, That may be a valid approach, dont expect it o point high into the wind, dont expect it to be super fast, It is a valid approach though (copying boats of 2000 to 200 years ago). The Irish Curragh in the Brendan Voyage (the leather boat built by Tim Severin), is in same style, It is good though to completely deck over teh boat, As good as viking an Irish boats were, the great majority of viking ships that attempted to settle on Greenland foundered and sank with great loss of life.

      The Northerner 28 I was sailing, well I do not love the boat, but they are available,, (off the shelf), when the sails were up rocking was much much less, At anchor they rocked, just a few degrees here and there, but quickly,

      aside ..I am doing nothing on this group, I am leaving this group,,, 10 years is enough, back to the real world. I will leave you all to it

      n peter evans

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