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50215RE: Sailing a northerner 28 review

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  • nutty_boats
    Dec 3, 2013


      ---In boatdesign@yahoogroups.com, <peterevans_33@...> wrote:

      >>To do up a yacht like this is much much less work than building a new yacht,...

      Quite true. The main reason to build new is for features that can not be retrofitted into an older hull.

      >>One downside is that because they have so much ballast they tend to rock a lot whilst at anchor. 

      Not only do you have the pendulum effect of the ballast, but the hull shape has little resistance to pitch. It has about the perfect shape for front to back rocking, typical for boats of its age. In fact, that is probably the biggest reason I would not want a boat of this design.

      >>Yachts like this are old school, heavily built, very solid, fixed keel, rudder built onto keel.

      In those days they though heavier was better, so did not skimp on build quality.

      >> They have narrow sterns, and I wont go out on a limb and say that they are seaworthy (thats controversial),,, I will say that they are seakindly. Boats like this have rounded bilges, not flat bottommed. So they are better in rough weather than some of the newer lighter yachts with high aspect fin keels etc. 

      Actually the round bottom is a disadvantage, unless one breaks up the roundness with a full length keel. The roundness fore and aft is why it tends to rock so much.

      >> 28ft is a good size for the solo sailer. 

      I think you are right here.

      T. Lee.

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