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RE: Books for modern boatbuilding techniques

  • pvanderwaart
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      "The New Cold Molded Boatbuilding" by Reuel Parker.

      It has lots of ideas about building with plywood and epoxy, though perhaps not exactly the same as Swaggie or any other particular design. It's well written and well illustrated. 

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      Having positively looked at John Welsford's Swaggie, I was wondering what would be the best books for boat building, including radius chine plywood techniques. 
      And by the way, I remember, two or three years ago, there was a 10-12 footer concept a little bit like "Fafnir" but it had a carbon hull, a fully enclosed cockpit.  Do you have any idea if has been built ?  Any info, just out of curiosity...
      Thanks !
      Gilles Maltais
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