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  • nutty_boats
    Nov 19, 2013
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      While it is true that a good crew can take a so-so boat and make it shine (e.g. Joshua Slocum on Spray), would you not agree that there are some boat designs that are easier to sail than others, where crew skill is not as important? And would it not be better for a beginner to sail in an easier to sail boat?

      By the way, I remember Tinkerbell being 13.5 feet long.

      T. Lee.

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      Years ago I built a 15 ft plywood dory from plans in a magazine called "Moby Dick" I believe plans are available online. I made a sail rig for her & sailed her on the open sea out of Redondo Beach Ca. She handled it really well even off Palos Verdes Point. I  later built a small cabin on her & lived on her in the marina for 8 months. I now have an AF3 that I believe is as seaworthy as the dory. It's not what the boat can take but what you can. Check out "Tinkerbell" a 10 ft sailing dingy that crossed the Atlalantic. A boat is just a boat, the sailor makes her seaworthy or not.

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