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Target Archery Domesday Reports Are Due December 1, 2012

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  • Gary Kingston Th.D., Ph.D.
    Greetings to all Northern Oaken Archery Marshals and MiT s.   Quarterly Reports are due on September 1. All Archery Marshals and MiT s are required to file a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2012
      Greetings to all Northern Oaken Archery Marshals and MiT's.
      Quarterly Reports are due on September 1. All Archery Marshals and MiT's are required to file a report.
      Group Marshals, remember to include a Roster.
      MIC's, remember to include your Event Reports.
      Please send all reports to me at whgkingstone@... That address is whgkingstone(at)ameritech(dot)net . Please put "Domesday Report" in the Subject line so that my spam filters do not eat them.
      I would appreciate it if you would include the following information in your reports (Please answer all of the questions):
      Group Name:
      SCA Name:
      SCA Membership Number (You must have a current membership card to "be" a marshal):
      Mundane Name:
      Street Address:
      City, State, and Zip Code:
      Telephone Number:
      E-mail address:
      Warrant Status: _____Warranted ______GMiT:
      Indicate if you are a Group Marshal, Baronial Marshal, or a Target Marshal:
      List any problems that you encountered, and what action (if any) you took to correct them:
      List your activity in the last quarter (but you can, in my opinion, summarize the entire year in your report):
      List any plans or ideas that you may have for archery in the next quarter:
      For a Group Marshal, this would be a good time to make a Roster of how many archers you have, outline what your group archers have been doing, the level of activity, and your plans for the following year.
      It is courteous to send a copy of it to your Seneschal - and if in a Barony - your Baronial Archery Marshal and Seneschal.
      This Roster is important as it will help tally the number of archers that will be available to shoot war points at Pennsic 42, and this is a number that the Lt. General for Archery would like to have.
      If you have any question you can contact me by email at whgkingstone@... , that is whgkingstone(at)ameritech(dot)net, or you can call me at (440) 729-3183.
      I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your reports.
      THL Ambrosius filius Merlinus ("Merlin") C.G.C.
      Northern Oaken Regional Archery Marshal
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