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FW: [Cleft] A&S classes for Jan. and Feb.

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  • Mark Cipra
    See below. Mark Cipra __ I looked ahead on my Mayan wall calendar. On December 1st it says Time to reorder! . From: owner-cleftlist@midrealm.org
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      See below.


      Mark Cipra


      I looked ahead on my Mayan wall calendar. On December 1st it says "Time to reorder!".


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      Subject: [Cleft] A&S classes for Jan. and Feb.



      Please feel free to cross-post where appropriate. These classes are also included on the Cleftlands website calendar.

      For our friends outside of Cleftlands: Classes (unless otherwise noted) are held during Cleftlands baronial meetings on Wednesday nights in Euclid. You can find the address on the Cleftlands web site. Most classes start between 7 and 7:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

      Do you have a skill that you’d like to share? Contact MOAS Jolicia to schedule a day, at Washington.julie@....

      Jan. 11 -- Viking Wire Weaving. You can choose between the economy kit for $5 (no drawplate, just the minimum materials), or a full starter kit for $20 (includes drawplate, awl, lots of wire, handy carry bag). Taught by Lady Katherin verch Rhys.

      Jan. 17 -- Meeting of the Dancers with Wool fiber guild, at the home of Jehenne de Lur. See Nadyezhda the Simple for information, jobelan@....

      Jan. 25 -- The Shakespearean Sonnet: Or, How to be a really bad English Renaissance Poet. Taught by Edward fitzRanulf.


      Feb. 22 –  Period Embroidery, taught by Master Alen. The class will cover Elizabethan ladder and Ceylon stitches.  Past students should bring their samplers and equipment.


      Julie Washington
      Jolicia atte Northclyfe

      Cleftlands MOAS


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