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  • Dale Niederhauser
    ... Subject: [Mid] Tragic News Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 19:48:18 EDT From: LdyAstrid@aol.com Reply-To: sca-middle@midrealm.org To: sca-middle@midrealm.org My
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      Subject: [Mid] Tragic News
      Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 19:48:18 EDT
      From: LdyAstrid@...
      Reply-To: sca-middle@...
      To: sca-middle@...

      My lord is on the Northshield Hall and received a message from Her Lady
      of Northshield........ I was surprised that this news was not posted on
      Bridge, and it breaks my heart that I am the one to be the bearer of
      horrid news.

      His Majesty Osis of Ealdormere was killed in an accident on His way home
      the love of His Queen, from Baron Wars. His squire - known as Bubba was
      injured but thankfully survived. There were no further details.

      Osis will always hold a special place in my heart and will be horribly
      by myself and my lord. Please keep Her Majesty in your thoughts and
      for this will be a difficult time for Her, she has suffered much loss
      - this being the greatest.

      He left our world as a King - a Viking King! His Queen will need not
      the support of Her kingdom......... but ours as well.

      In great sadness,

      Astrid of the Yellow Rose
      From: LdyAstrid@...
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