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BMX Enthusiasts Hoping For A Home

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  • geneb
    *** BMX Enthusiasts Hoping For A Home *** Pacifica, CA -- 09/01/2007 As the skatepark was approaching the final countdown toward a long-awaited opening,
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      *** BMX Enthusiasts Hoping For A Home ***
      Pacifica, CA -- 09/01/2007
      As the skatepark was approaching the final
      countdown toward a long-awaited opening,
      Pacificans who bike, not board, longed for a
      park they could call their own.
      But the skatepark wasn't built for biking.
      Trying to share the facility was considered by those
      close to the issue to be a recipe for disaster. In Redwood
      City, bikers and boarders have not been able to use a new
      park at the same time without irritating each other.
      The hope of a grassroots organization called Pacifica
      Bike Park is that someday there will be a reserved area
      for them somewhere in town that has dirt jumps, ramps,
      bowls and ledges. They want another first-class facility
      for bikes as good as the skatepark.
      While their dream is going to take a long time to come to
      fruition, committee members from Pacifica Bike Park made
      an opening presentation to members of the Parks, Beaches
      and Recreation Department during a study session Aug. 8.
      Matt McPhail, owner of Gearhead Bike Shop, is a strong
      bike park advocate. He said a new park would provide a
      good way to teach youth the fundamentals of freestyle BMX
      or mountain biking before they try their skills out on the more
      difficult trails of Montara Mountain or build their own ramps.
      "This will get the kids off the street where they won't get
      hit by a car and into a safe place. It will be a big draw,"
      he said.
      Pacifica Bike Park committee members are looking at
      various locations that would be suitable for a bike park.
      They hope to have the park close to public transportation,
      about a half acre in size, close to restrooms, parking, a
      water source and local businesses, sloped for drainage
      and in a spot where traffic would be minimally affected
      and where neighbors would not be disturbed.
      The potential locations the committee came up with are
      lower Frontierland Park, Sanchez library field, San Pedro
      Terrace and Fairmont School. The Rockaway Quarry,
      the former rifle range and Linda Mar Educational Center
      were also discussed.
      Sanchez library field is a particularly good potential site
      because it is already owned by the city and because it
      meets the rest of the committee's criteria, PB&R commissioners
      said. San Pedro Terrace is a tight space, but has the additional
      advantage of being next to a new bike trail that will be built in the
      future. That new trail is still in the planning stages, where it is
      expected to be for about another year.
      The Fairmont School site has a huge field and paved area.
      It could potentially be used as both a bike park and a soccer
      field. The soccer organization would use the grass and the bike
      park could build on the paved areas.
      The next step for Pacifica Bike Park will be to seek
      endorsements for the project, which will facilitate funding,
      and to conduct more research about potential locations.
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