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BMX Rider Arrested At Skate Park

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  • geneb
    *** BMX Rider Arrested At Skate Park *** Brookings, Oregon -- 02/08/2007 A BMX biker who spearheaded an effort to allow bikers in the Brookings Skate Park was
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2007
      *** BMX Rider Arrested At Skate Park ***
      Brookings, Oregon -- 02/08/2007
      A BMX biker who spearheaded an effort to
      allow bikers in the Brookings Skate Park was
      arrested during a demonstration there Saturday
      after he refused to stop riding his bike.
      Cody Miller, 18, a Brookings-Harbor High School graduate,
      was arrested, cited for criminal trespassing and released. Miller
      and 15 bikers were protesting a possible city ordinance that will
      make riding bikes in the park a fineable offense.
      The arrest is the latest chapter in the debate over whether
      BMX bikes should be allowed in the skate park.
      Bikers, publicly led by Miller, have said the current rule that
      prohibits bikes is unfair and discriminatory, and that bikes
      pose no threat.
      But others disagree. The city's insurance company,
      the construction company that made the park, and
      former Skate Park Committee officials have supported
      the rule, stating the park was built for skateboards and
      cannot withstand the damage bikes cause.
      According to Miller, Brookings Police Officers Marvin Parker
      and Donny Dotson approached the group on Saturday and Miller,
      who was riding in the park, stopped to speak for the group.
      Parker told him he would have to stop riding his bike
      because the park's guidelines prohibited the use of bikes.
      Miller refused and continued riding.
      Parker then told Miller if he did not stop he
      would be arrested for criminal trespassing.
      "I said, ‘Why don't you just arrest me then?'
      and I turned around and put my hands behind
      my back," Miller said. "I told him, ‘This is my
      love and my passion.'"
      Parker arrest him, Miller said.
      Efforts by the area news press to contact Parker on
      Tuesday were unsuccessful. However, Brookings Police
      Sgt. Mike Cooper said Miller refused to obey an officer
      of the law and was arrested after being repeatedly warned.
      "Basically, he was on city property, he was asked to
      leave and he didn't," Cooper said, adding police have
      the right and duty to enforce rules on city property.
      "I'm being discriminated against," Miller said.
      "We shouldn't have to deal with stuff like that."
      Miller said he asked City Administrative Assistant
      Joyce Heffington earlier that week if he needed a
      permit to demonstrate at the park in an effort to inform
      authorities of the protest. Heffington informed him he
      did not need a permit.
      Miller said he didn't remember if he specifically asked if it
      was acceptable to ride the bikes in the park. Heffington said
      Tuesday Miller only asked about a permit to demonstrate.
      The draft ordinance the bikers were protesting was recently
      recommended by the Brookings Parks and Recreation
      Commission after a public hearing in December.
      The ordinance will be discussed and possibly approved or denied
      by the Brookings City Council at the council's Feb. 12 meeting.
      BMX biker Cody Miller is handcuffed and
      taken from the Brookings Skate Park on Saturday
      Feb. 3rd, 2007 by Brookings Or. Police Officer Marvin
      Parker after he refused to stop riding his bike at the
      Skate Park. - 
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