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Re: [bluemooncoven] Ritual

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  • Saille S
    Hi, I m OK with forgoing this ritual if nobody else can host it: Jim and I have been ill also, I was really really bad, so I wouldn t mind having Sunday just
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2003
      Hi, I'm OK with forgoing this ritual if nobody else can host it: Jim and I have been ill also, I was really really bad, so I wouldn't mind having Sunday just to rest up. As for doing the Balloon Fest,/helping hands, is that for next weekend? Jim and I are interested. The only thing is, wouldn't making the mead out there be kind of a hassle, bringing all that extra stuff? Maybe we could forgo the mead making until later, as well. Terri, hope your ear infection is getting better, I know how miserable those can be. Any news on how Scott's doing? Kat, you need to tame your kitchen pixies. Maybe we can all help with that one!
      Take care, and keep us posted on what everybody decides to do!Saille & Jim
      karahkat9 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:I think I need to ask all of you to put some energy into my kitchen
      There has been one error after another and at this point I have to
      cancel May 4th Ritual as my home is loaded with kitchen cabinets and
      the contents of my kitchen are in the living room (making toast on
      the shoe rack is interesting to say the least). However if someone
      else would like to host the ritual we could carry on.

      Being that I have no kitchen I also have to cancel the Mead
      making. I considered taking the cauldron out into the front yard and
      building a fire but somehow I dont think the neighbors will
      understand that.

      Terri could also use some energy as she has a bad ear infection. And
      since she was HPS in this ritual we would need someone to fill in.

      We will contiue with our trip to Walla Walla and the balloon
      festival (If weather permits we could do a ritual out there) and
      open the full moon ritual to all who would like to attend, and
      hopefully do the mead that day also.

      Ok I have rambled on enough.... It's up to you guys now, do you want
      to do this ritual at someone else's place or fore go this one???

      Let me know asap

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