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ATC Dining Hall Project, 9/5/2009, 12:00 am

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    Reminder from: bluemooncoven2 Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bluemooncoven2/cal ATC Dining Hall Project Saturday September 5, 2009 All Day
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      Reminder from: bluemooncoven2 Yahoo! Group
      Title: ATC Dining Hall Project
      Date: Saturday September 5, 2009
      Time: All Day
      Location: Index, WA
      Notes: This is not a CBMC event

      As Pagans, we know that the entire universe is interconnected, from weather to ecological concerns to wildlife to individuals and their lives. Well, it's true for the ATC's building project, too!

      Railroad ties need to be moved into place before we can level the dirt pile in the front yard and create some more parking.

      The dirt pile must be moved before we can pour the concrete for the entry way.

      The concrete must be poured and cured before we can build the entryway and the little porch above it.

      The entry and porch construction has to be completed before we can put on the finished siding.

      The siding has to be finished before we can put on the window & door trim and caulk them rain-tight.

      The electrical work has to be done before we can install the wall insulation.

      The insulation has to be in before we can put up the interior wallboard.

      It just goes on and on, with occasional pauses to have the completed work county inspected so we can go to the next


      If it were not for the past generosity of all of you, in both money and your hard work, the dining room would still be just a dream. The hard and expensive part is about over. We are more than half-way done with this project, but now
      that the harsh and unpredictable weather is past, we have to re-start the work so we can get it finished before our building permit runs out this fall.
      We can't afford to waste the good weather!

      PLEASE, call Pete at 360-793-1945 and tell us when you can come out and help.
      There is the opportunity to have a Wic-Nic Work Party just about every nice weekend, but the weekends in-between the worship events are the times we can get the most accomplished.

      Come on out of the city, cool off, dip in the river between working, enjoy a cook-out and have some fun here in the mountains
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