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Talismans for Full Moon Ritual this Sunday

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  • Carolyn
    Talismans We didn t get a lot of time to talk about talismans on Saturday, so I d like to post something here. Earl and I have already asked everyone to bring
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004

      We didn't get a lot of time to talk about talismans on Saturday, so
      I'd like to post something here. Earl and I have already asked
      everyone to bring a talisman of some sort to charge at the full moon
      this Sunday. As I mentioned before, this talisman must incorporate a
      circle in the design, and it should be wearable. A piece of jewelry
      would be very appropriate.
      The most powerful talismans are those that you make yourself. One
      that someone else has made for you is unlikely to ever be as
      meaningful or powerful, but that does not mean that it is not
      meaningful or very powerful. Basically, I encourage everyone to
      bring something that they have put their energy into in one way or
      another, thus giving it special meaning to them. This energy may be
      from making the talisman, or it might be the means by which you
      acquired it.

      So, what is a talisman?
      Webster defines it this way:

      Main Entry: tal·is·man
      Pronunciation: 'ta-l&s-m&n, -l&z-
      Function: noun
      Inflected Form(s): plural -mans
      Etymology: French talisman or Spanish talismán or Italian talismano;
      all from Arabic tilsam, from Middle Greek telesma, from Greek,
      consecration, from telein to initiate into
      1 : an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good
      2 : something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects
      Basically, for our purposes, a talisman is an object that we will
      charge to empower us to complete that which we set out to complete.

      Here is a little more information on talismans and amulets, borrowed
      from about.com and other sites:

      Definition: An object believed to be charmed or imbued with magical
      powers of protection; usually worn about the neck.
      Pronunciation: tahl-iss-mann • (noun)
      Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary: a magic figure, a
      horoscope. 1. something, as a ring or stone, bearing engraved figures
      or symbols supposed to bring good luck, keep away evil, etc. 2.
      anything supposed to have magic power; a charm.
      Complete Book of Witchcraft, by Raymond Buckland: A talisman is a man-
      made object endowed with magical powers, especially for averting evil
      from, or bringing good luck to its owner. A talisman made by one
      person for another can never be as strong as a personally made one. A
      talisman can be of virtually any material - paper, silver, copper,
      lead, stone... The most common form a talisman takes is a metal disc
      worn on a chain as a pendant. On one side of the disc you place the
      personalization, and on the other side the objective.

      An object that has been magically charged in order to bring something
      to the bearer. Such an item could be a gemstone to win a court case,
      or a drawing to put in your pocket that will bring good luck.
      (Sometimes also known as a "lucky charm")

      Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary: a charm; something
      worn, often around the neck, as a remedy or protection against evils
      or mischief. Amulets were common in earlier days. They consisted of
      stones, metals, or plants, and sometimes of words, characters, or
      sentences, arranged in a particular order.
      Complete Book of Witchcraft, by Raymond Buckland: The difference
      between a talisman and an amulet is that while a talisman is human-
      made, an amulet is natural. One that is considered very much a
      Witch's amulet is a stone with a natural hole through it...obviously
      tying-in with fertility...So you cannot make an amulet; you can only
      adopt one. If you take an amulet and then engrave and consecrate
      it...then it becomes a talisman (or, if you prefer, a "talismanic

      Usually considered an object of protection which has been charged to
      deflect specific negative energies or thought forms. Amulets can be
      made of feathers, plants, beads, etc. The horseshoe and the four-
      leafed clover are two examples of amulets.

      A sachet is a small bag, usually containing one or objects intended
      collectively for a magical purpose. The bag can be plain or decorated
      and is preferably handmade by the person intended to benefit from its
      use. Sachets can be worn, hung in your car, placed on windowsills
      (see the House Blessing Ritual in Tzipora's book: Celebrating Life),
      or placed anywhere their magic is needed.

      I hope that this information is helpful to everyone, and I look
      forward to seeing you this Sunday.

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