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August 20, 2008: Must... kill...

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  • Louis Rosenfeld
    August 20, 2008: Must... kill... I ve long advocated for banning the term
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      August 20, 2008: Must... kill...

      I've long advocated for banning the term
      design discussions. (Crazy me, but I just think it's a good idea to
      keep clear of time-boxed projects that are ill-conceived and ultimately a
      waste of effort and money.) I think terms like "refine" and "tune" do a far
      better job of describing what we should be doing: instituting ongoing
      processes that help our sites evolve in response to a multitude of changing

      I hate to sound like a fascist, but I think "build community" ought to be
      the next one we throw on the pyre. Dunno, maybe I've read too many RFPs of
      late, but what the hell is it supposed to mean? Is it truly achievable? Is
      it even a good idea? How many organizations really want a community on
      their hands to repeatedly feed, burp, and diaper? I think what we mean is
      that we want to "better engage with more people". But until we find a
      replacement term, can we just bite our tongues instead of using this
      ridiculous, meaningless phrase?


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