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May 26, 2004: Seattle's New Central Library

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  • Louis Rosenfeld
    May 26, 2004: Seattle s New Central Library Greetings from downtown Seattle s brand new Central Library, where I can post a quick blog entry courtesy of the
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      May 26, 2004: Seattle's New Central Library

      Greetings from downtown Seattle's brand new Central Library, where I can
      post a quick blog entry courtesy of the free (well, taxpayer-funded) WiFi.
      You've probably heard a bit about the Rem Koolhaas-designed building, which
      opened just last Sunday. If not, you can read about in a recent New Yorker
      article referenced below.

      I don't pretend to know anything about architecture, and I've never worked
      in a public library. But I do find this building fascinating. It's an
      interesting mix of utilitarian and whimsical. You'll encounter great
      finding aids, like call numbers prominently displayed on the floor next to
      each row of shelves. And yet I don't believe I could ever learn how the
      layout of this delightful mess works. Stairs sneak under escalators,
      escalators bypass floors, floors surprisingly beget other floors. Eleven
      stories of funky furniture, flooring, fixtures, and finishes.

      But what strikes me most is how social a place this is. Sure, many are
      here to enjoy an initial tour, but there are a wide variety of
      group-oriented seating areas. This is clearly a place to hang out and enjoy
      the view. What's missing is a café, though here it's quite possible that,
      despite hitting just about every floor, I just missed it.

      Oh, and naturally, a few seats away from me there's a guy who's been
      stridently snoring for the past hour. Damn, I wish I had my camera with me
      so I could make him famous.

      Anyway, definitely stop by next time you're in Seattle!


      SPL Central Library ::
      New Yorker article on SPL ::
      SPL Central Library slide show ::
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