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sail on sailor

[B-)] haven't had time lately so...anyways ... this was my fave era of the beach boys so.... i seen them with beach boys few times sail on
Jul 15, 2010

rock it

everyone add 3 fave songs blondie and ricky did with the beach boys okay rock it tony [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Feb 8, 2009

Beach Boys Guitar for sale

Hi Everyone ! I'm new to this group but haven't yet had the chance to post anything yet. I have a Signed Focus 1115 by Kramer Beach Boys Electric Guitar for
Dec 2, 2007

I have a few Beadh Boys items on ebay

I hope nobody minds me posting this. Over the years of collecting vinyl records I gathered up a huge amount of doubles. I put them all on ebay and perhaps you
Mike Eder
Oct 13, 2006

----- sail on sailor

new here .... yes ... i saw them ricky and blonde with the last ... till IMO brian wilson band (wondermints etc ) such a creative time frame , becuz of them/
Apr 9, 2006

wail on wail on

welcome new member .... share ur fave ricky and blonde ... b-boys songs or there solo stuff .... or lil about ur self ... i sail the ocean .... i sail the sea
Aug 1, 2005

Re: [Blondie Ricky Beach Boy's Club] so.... here she comes .....

Carl and The Passions is superb. I like almost every cut and it really has a great hard rock vibe. Too bad the average Beach Boys fan did not accept the change
Mike Eder
Jan 22, 2005

Re: [Blondie Ricky Beach Boy's Club] so.... here she comes .....

With the Beach Boys- Sail On Sailor, We Got Love and Here She Comes. Solo- See The Light, Don't Worry Bill Mike ... From:
Mike Eder
Jan 22, 2005

Re: [Blondie Ricky Beach Boy's Club] so.... here she comes .....

Hold On Dear Brother, All This is That, Steamboat, The Trader, Funky Pretty, Wild Honey, Sailor, how can you choose just one? I also feel that Carl and the
Jan 22, 2005

so.... here she comes .....

what is your fave ricky and blonde ....beach boys song that they have done on a lp or cd ....these days well tell me peace and wail on wail..... tunes always
Jan 22, 2005
Nov 5, 2004

New Blondie Tracks available on iTunes!!

Hi - Anton Fig's "Figments" CD is now available for download on Apple's iTunes. It's a collection of all sorts of great music from world to rock to jazz... One
Apr 13, 2004

Blondie song w/Brian Wilson available for Download!

Hi - In response to requests from Blondie and Brian's fans, we've made their song on Anton Fig's record "Figments" available for purchase separate from the
Nov 29, 2003


I have recently re-ignited my love for the Beach Boys after following them closely during the late '70s until exactly the time Dennis died. Such losses! They
Nov 14, 2003

welcome 2003 and a few new members

i hope to work some on this site i have been super busy and my other music sites ...take alot of my net time so... plus ... i have this site so they have one
Jan 24, 2003
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