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373[blogrollers] Feeeds "taps global brain"

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  • Philipp Lenssen
    Nov 16, 2004
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      (I wasn't sure if I should add "[blogrollers]" in the
      subject myself or if it gets inserted automatically,
      so if it appears twice, my apologies.)

      At my new site Feeeds http://www.feeeds.com I try to
      visualize the thoughts of many people on a single
      page, every day. You could also think of it as an
      "information junkie portal." I simply wanted to get a
      "feeling" for what's happening, and normal newsreaders
      weren't quite fitting for what I had in mind.

      On the surface, the site grabs RSS feeds, Bloglines
      citation results, reacts to a set of keywords to add
      icons, and adds the functionality so you can add
      comments to every post. I also integrated different
      articles from Wikipedia (randomly refreshed every few
      hours). Underlying it there is XHTML, CSS, PHP5, and
      MySQL on Apache. The site also offers its own RSS
      feed. There's also a German version.

      I try to find a good mix between technical and
      non-technical blogs, as well as general news sources
      (such as Yahoo! News, which I also aggregate on my
      hand phone). I try not so much to get into the world
      of only-personal (auto-biographical) blogs.
      I'd love to hear feedback! (And also, suggestions for
      feeds to add.)

      Sidenote: I use MagpieRSS, and it can render mostly
      any feed but ironically not Dave Winer's feed (namely
      scripting.com/rss.xml). Of course I suspect an error
      on the side of MagpieRSS!

      To introduce myself to this list, this is my own blog,
      Google Blogoscoped:


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