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366Suw Charman joins Corante.

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  • Michael OConnor Clarke
    Jul 26, 2004
      (meanwhile, back in my day job as a flack...)

      I doubt this is actually a first, but it's a new one for me. Hope the
      moebian twists here don't throw up eddies in the space time continuum
      or anything.

      Here we have a blogger (who happens to work in PR) mass-pitching other
      bloggers (many of whom are, or have been, reporters) with some news
      about another blogger (who has also had some journalism gigs) joining
      a blog-based news service.

      Is there an echo in here?

      Oh. On to the news. It's my pleasure to inform you that the fragrant
      and talented Suw Charman has just been appointed editor of a brand new
      blog in the Corante stable.

      The new blog, "Strange Attractor", will focus on the business of
      blogging, with scouting missions into other, adjacent territories such
      as related social technologies, writing, screenwriting, e-learning,
      digital rights, and the changing world of participatory journalism.

      Instead of listening to me drone about it, scamper over and check out
      Suw's description and first post for yourselves:

      Pardon the interruption. We now return you to the Democratic National
      Convention coverage...