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Re: (Blessed Zomi) 300 crores

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  • Mung Sian Hon
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2006
      On 12/1/06, Deih Lian Thang <deihlian@...> wrote:

      November 30, Mizzima News
      Amphetamine machine and contraband narcotics worth Rs. 300 crores seized
      from Burmese - Muana

      A Burmese migrant and a Chinese national were apprehended for being in
      possession of a sophisticated illegal drugs making machine and contraband
      narcotics estimated to be worth Rs. 300 crores in Kolkata. The arrest
      followed a tip off from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

      Nang Lian Kham alias Micheal Suanpu (37) belonging to Tuithang village,
      Tedim Township, Chin state, Burma and a Chinese national were arrested at
      a godown of Balmer Lawrie& Company Ltd. on the Netaji Subhas Road,
      Kolkata, West Bengal, India by officers of the Indian intelligence agency
      on November 15. The duo have been charged with possession and
      transportation of a Columbia made Amphetamine manufacturing machine to New
      Delhi, according to security sources.

      It is learnt that parts of the machine were transported in three trips
      from Columbia through Hong Kong to Kolkata and then New Delhi. Nang Lian
      Kham and his accomplice were arrested on their return trip after having
      delivered the machine and completing the monetary transaction.

      The machine is estimated to cost Rs. 300 crores. Interestingly Nang Lian
      Kham claimed it is a shampoo making machine. The Drug Enforcement Agency
      of USA's Federal Bureau of Investigation is said to have kept tabs on the
      duo's activities and relayed the information to the Indian intelligence

      "It will be fitting if they are taken to USA rather than repatriated to
      Burma," said a source close to Nang Lian Kham.

      The two are under joint interrogation by the Interpol. They are in the
      custody of the Special Investigation Team of India's Central Bureau of
      Investigation (CBI).

      Nang Lian Kham receives a subsistence allowance from the UNHCR as a
      Burmese refugee. He claimed to be a native of Manipur state, India during

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