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Update from Judson Bible College for the Month of September 2013

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    Dear partners and friends,   We are so delighted to update you that the registration of Judson Education Center (JEC) aka Judson Bible College (JBC) is nearly
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      Dear partners and friends,
      We are so delighted to update you that the registration of Judson Education Center (JEC) aka Judson Bible College (JBC) is nearly complete. To be more specific, the State Department of Maryland has partially approved the applications for registering JEC under Maryland Solicitation Act. But, we are still required to submit additional information to be in full compliance with the Act. Please continue to pray for this issue so to operate our respective campuses more effectively. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.  
      Ngo T. Pau
      PhD-ICS (In Progress), MA(Summa Cum Laude), BS/BBA, BA
      Deputy Director
      Judson Bible College 
      Continuation from Article entitled, "Teach Us Thy Will to Be Faithful"
       By Dr. Thuam Cin Khai

      A Personal Testimony by Alumnus, Kay Thu Aye 
      Initially, I would like to thank especially our marvelous God for this opportunity to share with you my personal testimony over His divine love. May His Name be exalted forever and ever! Amen.  
      I was born in a Buddhist family. I spent most of my life from childhood to adulthood devoting myself to the religion of Buddhism in Myanmar (Burma). However, God chose me by predestining me to have married a born-again Christian. I simply decided to receive water baptism in order for me to be ceremonially married to my fiancée according to Christian tradition. I did not understand profoundly about putting my faith in God. The work of Holy Spirit prompted me to crave the Word of God. I began to understand the concept of salvation (Salvation of Jesus Christ) through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I received the assurance of salvation when the LORD revealed to me His mysteries and that I know how to live the Christian life continually. My spirit is no longer comfortable with religious worships. I came to understand about true worship, which is to worship God in the Spirit and truth. (John 4:24)
      I would not be happy if I didn't have a chance to talk about Christ at the end of the day. I would consider the day as wasted. I was survived with three grown sons after my husband went to be with the LORD on August 3, 1990. The people around us were curious and observant to see how we would be able to endure post-traumatic grief and continue to live a normal life again. I physically felt so drained at first. Later, I realized that God is with me (Emmanuel) and not only did I overcome the difficulties along the path of my life but also my burden became lighter through Christ Jesus who strengthens me as I continue to look to Him. My sons are wonderful as they are good listeners and obedient. We became witnesses of Christ by having fellowship with God either in the morning or evening. My own sister and nieces who came to live with us became believers in Christ Jesus.  
      One day, I felt like I was having cold and took the medication I used to take each time I ran into the same issue. I still went to join other family worship services every night. I did not know why the medication became toxic all of a sudden and that I ended up in the hospital. My hands and legs were frozen. I felt the pressure on my heart and experienced shortness of breath. I realized that I was going to draw my last breath at that moment. Thus I began to beg the LORD to heal me instantly if He would want me to be at His service. I told Him otherwise to call me home. I was amazed when I told Him that I could no longer take the pain. The pressure on my heart was immediately relieved and the shortness of breath disappeared so I got better. I was fully convinced that I would not die. I was still waiting in the Emergency Room to be seen by the doctor at the time. A nurse took my blood pressure that read zero; that means my heartbeat literally stopped (hopeless situation). However, the LORD would continually use me because He had allowed me to live. I then began to understand that I was called to serve God. Sooner, my three sons and I were blessed obtaining legal status to live in the United States. Thus, I was enrolled in Diploma courses provided by Burmese Bible School, which has been renamed as Judson Bible College through the guidance of God. I became a slave to the good news (gospel) and the Word of God - especially I was tremendously used of the LORD in the area of Bible Study. God continually revealed to me His revelation. I can sense that God will do His part to remove many hindrances to His Word. May God give you His vision for His services and use you all the more to win many lost souls into His kingdom as you read my testimony!
      The original testimony was written in Burmese. Ngo Thian Pau voluntarily translated it into English for our English-speaking partners and friends.
      Faculty and Staff of Main National Capital Region Campus
      Dr. Thuam C. Khai BS SUNY Empire State College (In Progress); BA (Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Tedim, Myanmar), MA (ACTS/Asia United Theological University, S. Korea); MDiv.(Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio); EdD (Central Philippine University, Iloilo, Philippines), PhD (Vision International University, Ramona, CA; President/Chief Academic Officer)
      Dr. Joel Rainey BA, M.Div., PhD Southern Baptist Theol. Seminary, (Director of Missions: Mid-Maryland Baptist Association) Dr. Keith Yoder BA, MS, EdD University of Pennsylvania (President, Teaching The Word Ministries)
      Rev. James Edmonson BA, Texas Tech University; MDiv., PhD (ABD) New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary: Masters in Apologetics at Biola University Dr. W. Stephen Neel, BA, Th.M., DMin Dallas Theological Seminary, (Pastor, Southern Columbia Baptist Church)
      Ptr. Mary Cingh@Awi Khawm Huai, BA, Kalay University; BTh., Zomi Theological College; MDiv., Myanmar Institute of Theology
      Rev. Kip Thian Pau, BA, Mandalay University; BRE, Zomi Theological College; Diploma in Journalism, Africa Literature Centre, Zambia; M.Min., Myanmar Institute of Theology Ptr. Suinawn Thangpawl, BTh, Myanmar Institute of Theology; M.Min, Theologi Seminari Malaysia
      Mr. Ngo Thian Pau, BA, Phoenix International University, London, UK; BS or BBA, International American University, CA; MA(Suma Cum Laude), Great Commission Bible College, MO; PhD - ICS (In Progress), Great Commission Bible College, MO; (Deputy Director/Registrar)
      Dr. James Sing Za Khai, MBBS, Mandalay Institute of Medicine, DD, PhD in Religion and Theology, Christian International School of Theology, Philippines. Dr. Paul P. Zawkhai BTh, New Life College, Bangalore, India; M.Min, Trinity Christian Center, Singapore; DTh, Carolina University of Theology, VA
      Rev. Dr. Saw Ler Htoo, BA, BD, Myanmar Institute of Theology; DMin Studies, Virginia Theological Seminary; DD, Karen Baptist Theological Seminary

      Faculty and Staff of Buffalo New York Campus
      Dr. Timothy Bissell BS, MDiv (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), DMin. (Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary) Rev. Matt Evans BA, MACE (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
      Rev. Michael D. Flannery, BA, MRE (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
      Dr. Dale Meredith BS, MS, PhD in Engineering (Univ.of Illinois), Emeritus Professor Civil, Structure, Environment Engineering at University at Buffalo Dr. Dale Suel BA (East Texas Baptist University), MA (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), DMin (Midwestern Baptist Seminary)
      Rev. Dan Trippie BA in Bible/Theology, (Moody Bible Institute), MDiv. Studies (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, KY) Rev. Bill Smith BA, ThM (Dallas Theological Seminary)
      Dr. Thuam C. Khai BS in Progress (SUNY Empire State College); BA in Biblical Studies, (Faith Baptist Bible College, Tedim, Myanmar); MA in Theology (ACTS/ Asia United Theological University, Seoul, South Korea); MDiv. (Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio); EdD in Educational Administration & Supervision(Central Philippine University, Iloilo), PhD in Christian Education (Vision International University, San Diego, CA)
      Dr. James Sing Za Khai, MBBS, Mandalay Institute of Medicine, DD, PhD in Religion and Theology, Christian International School of Theology, Philippines.

      Faculty and Staff of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Campus

      Dr. Thuam Cin Khai, BA, BS (progress) SUNY Empire State College, NY; MA, ACTS/Asia United Theological University, Korea; MDiv, Philippine
      Baptist Theological Seminary; EdD, Central Philippine University, PhD, Vision International University, CA (Director/Chief Academic Officer)
      Rev. Jason Butler, BA Campbell University in NC.; MDiv, Asbury Theological Seminary
      Pastor Tim Nelson, BA, Whitworth University, WA; MDiv., Fuller Theological Seminary
      Dr. Richard Concklin, BA, Wheaton College, MBA, Edgewood College, MDiv, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; DMin, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
      Rev. Karen Scheel, BA, MDiv, ThM Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
      Rev. Gerry Krupp, BS, Indiana Wesleyan University; M.Div. Fuller Theological Seminary; D.Min. Studies Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
      Oliver Byar Bowh Si BSc, MDiv, Myanmar Institute of Theology, MTh, Regent's Park College, UK., STM, Yale Divinity School, CT. Piang Khaw Lian, BA, BA inc, MUAC, BD Emmanuel Theological Seminary, M.Min, MDiv. Eastern Theological Institute and Seminary, India.
      Faculty and Staff of Fort Wayne, Indiana Campus
      Dr. Thuam C. Khai, BA; BS (in progress), State University of New York; MA ACTS/Asia United Theological University, South Korea; MDiv, Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio; EdD, Central Philippine University; Iloilo, Philippines; PhD, Vision Internat'l Univ. (Dean/Executive Director)
      Dr. Kham H. Mung, BA, MDiv., Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Philippines; PhD, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN.  
      Rev. Abraham Cin En Thang, BSc, MA, Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, OH (Senior Pastor of MICC, Fort Wayne, IN)  
      Dr. Tung Za Pau, BSc, BD, Union Biblical Seminary, MTh, SAIAC, India; Doctor of Missiology, United Theological Seminary, OH.
      Ptr. Don Ngaih Lian, BTh, India;BA, University of Yangon; BRE, Zomi Theological College; MDiv, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, OH  
      Dr. Brent Leichty, BA Eastern Mennonite University; Studied Master Degree; Doctor of Practical Ministry, Wagner Leadership Institute, CO  
      Rev. James Keller, BA Concordia Teachers College, River Forest IL (1987), MA in Exegetics Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN (2000) 

      Degree Programs Offered;

      1. Certificate in Ministerial Studies:
      A twelve-month program including the following courses:
      Basic English and Computer Skills Introduction to New Testament Introduction to Old Testament Methods of Bible Study, General Church History Introduction to Theology Doctrine of Holiness Christian Education Spiritual Formation Evangelism & Church Health Pastoral Ministries Introduction to Homiletics

      2. Diploma in Ministerial Studies:
      A twenty-four month program that in addition to the Certificate courses includes the following advanced courses:
      Sociology Psychology Philosophy & Ethics Old Testament elective New Testament elective Advanced Theology Global/Intercultural Ministries Worship Expository Preaching Church Leadership & Management Denominational Distinctives Pastoral Counseling

      3. Associate Degree in Ministerial Studies:
      Students who have successfully completed Diploma in Ministerial Studies are eligible to pursue Associate Degree in Ministerial Studies.

      4. Bachelor Degree in Ministerial Studies:
      Students who have successfully completed Associate Degree in Ministerial Studies are eligible to pursue Bachelor degree in Ministerial Studies.

      Additional certificate courses for Lay Leadership Training: All courses are made available for lay leaders for leadership training.
      Internal Academic Program (Diploma in Ministerial Studies) may be earned by those who do not have High School Diploma.
      External Academic Program (Diploma, Associate Degree, and Bachelor Degree in Ministerial Studies) may be earned by those who hold High School Diploma.

      Judson Bible College (JBC) is affiliated with Davis College, Johnson City, New York, which is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in 2005. The Commission is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education for accrediting activities in the Middle States region, which includes the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Island.
      Upcoming Event!
      Annual Mission Summit of Judson Bible College(JBC) will be held from December 14 to December 15, 2013. Administrators and students from National Capital Region Campus will host this much-awaited event. 
      Please continue to pray for this upcoming event. Thank you for your partnership and friendship. God bless you all!

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