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Re: KI IM THEI KEI - reply to Dr. Khen Za Sian

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  • Tongseal
    Israel minam te a pianma pek in, Sabbath a om hi khinzo hi. Tua man in, Israel mite ading bek hi cih pen, LST mundang tampi tawh etkaak cing, thumaan hilo hi.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2013
      Israel minam te a pianma pek in, Sabbath a om hi khinzo hi. Tua man in, Israel mite ading bek hi cih pen, LST mundang tampi tawh etkaak cing, thumaan hilo hi. Ex. 31:13,16,17 bek enleng bel ahiding tawh kibang mah hi. Gen 2:2,3 hunlai Adam leh Eve te Eden huan ah, Judah/Israel cih om nailo hi. Zeisu kamal mahmah en leng, mark 2:27 Ex. 20:8-10 zongh pen, a taktak in ci leng, Genesis 2:2,3 mah agen kik na hi hi. Tua ci leng, Sabbath pen, Piancil hun pan in, mikhempeuh aa ding a kibawl hita hi. Ezekial 20:20 Pasian leh a mite kiciaptehna ni a cih pen hipah hi. 
      Pasian um taktak te aa ding, Nipi Ni, Sabbath Ni bek kipia hi. Sunday pen, mihing bawl tawm, phuah tawm hi. Nimrod hunlai pan in, Pasian alangpan nop man in, Ni Pasian biakni in azat hi. A nungta Pasian a langdo na azat ahi hi. Nimrod hun pan kipan in, Pagan biakna ahi Ni Pasian biakna zong a kipan hipah hi. 
      A hizong in, Piancil pan aa, a nungta Pasian biakni pen, ni 7 ni, sabbath ni ahi hi. 
      This falsehood has gained such strength that multitudes of


      refer to it as the "

      Jewish Sabbath

      ." But nowhere do we find such an expression in

      the Bible

      . It is called "

      the sabbath of the Lord

      ," but never "

      the sabbath of the Jews

      ." Exodus 20:10. Luke was a Gentile writer of the New Testament and often made reference to things which were peculiarly Jewish. He spoke of the "nation of the Jews," "the people of the Jews," "the land of the Jews," and the "synagogue of the Jews." Acts 10:22; 12:11; 10:39; 14:1. But please note that Luke never referred to the "sabbath of the Jews," although he mentioned

      the Sabbath


      Christ clearly taught that "

      the sabbath was made for man

      ." Mark 2:27. The fact is that Adam was the only man in existence at the time God made the Sabbath. There were no Jews in the world for at least 2,000 years after creation. It could never have been made for them. Jesus used the term "man" in the generic sense, referring to mankind. The same word is used in connection with the institution of marriage which was also introduced at creation. Woman was made for man just as the Sabbath was made for man. Certainly no one believes that marriage was made only for the Jews.

      The fact is that two beautiful, original institutions were set up by God Himself before sin ever came into the world - marriage and the Sabbath. Both were made for man, both received the special blessing of the Creator and both continue to be just as holy now as when they were sanctified in the Garden of Eden.

      It is also interesting to note that Jesus was the One who made the Sabbath in the first week of time. There was a reason for His claim to be

      Lord of the Sabbath day

      (Mark 2:28). If He is the Lord of the

      Sabbath day

      , then the Sabbath must be the

      Lord's day

      . John had a vision on "the Lord's day," according to Revelation 1:10. That day had to be the Sabbath. It is the only day so designated and claimed by God in the Bible. In writing the

      Ten Commandments

      , God called it "the sabbath of the Lord." Exodus 20:10. In Isaiah He is quoted as saying, "The sabbath, My

      holy day

      ." (Isaiah 58:13).

      But we must not overlook the fact that this God who created the world and made the Sabbath was

      Jesus Christ

      Himself. John wrote: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. ... And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father), full of grace and truth." John 1:1-3, 14.

      Paul clearly identified Jesus as the Creator, "... his dear Son: In whom we have redemption through his blood. ... For by him were all things created." Colossians 1:13-16.
      For Christians to separate Jesus from the Sabbath is a tragic mistake. For He is the Author, the Maker, the Sanctifier, and the

      Architect of the Sabbath

      . To discount the blessing which He placed on that day is to deny His authority.

      This argument has led many to believe that the Sabbath existed only for a limited period of time following creation. But is this a fact? Actually, the Sabbath could never be just a type or shadow of anything, for the simple reason that it was made before sin entered the human family. Certain shadows and typical observances were instituted as a result of sin and pointed forward to the deliverance from sin.

      Such were the sacrifices employed to symbolize the death of Jesus, the Lamb of God. There would have been no animal sacrifices had there been no sin. These offerings were abolished when Christ died on the cross, because the types had met their fulfillment (Matthew 27:51). But no shadow existed before sin entered this world; therefore, the Sabbath could not be included in the ceremonial law of types and shadows.

      Paul referred to the temporary system of ordinances in Colossians 2:14-16 as being "against us" and "contrary to us." He tied it to the meat offerings, drink offerings, and yearly festivals of the law that was "blotted out." It is true he referred to sabbaths also in the text, but take careful note that he called them "sabbath days which are a shadow of things to come." Were some sabbath days blotted out at the cross? Yes, there were at least four

      yearly sabbaths

      which came on certain set days of the month, and they were nailed to the cross.

      They were shadows and required specified meat and drink offerings. All of these annual sabbaths are described in Leviticus 23:24-36, and then summarized in verses 37 and 38: "These are the feasts of the Lord, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, to offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord, a burnt offering, and a meat offering, a sacrifice, and drink offerings, every thing upon his day: beside the sabbaths of the Lord."

      The Scripture plainly differentiates between the annual, shadowy sabbaths and the weekly "sabbaths of the Lord." The

      ceremonial sabbaths

      were blotted out at the cross; they had been added as a consequence of sin. But the Sabbath of the Ten-Commandment law had been hallowed before sin was introduced and was later incorporated into the great moral law written by the finger of God. It was eternal in its very nature.  

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      Subject: Re: [ZomiSweden] Re: KI IM THEI KEI - reply to Dr. Khen Za Sian
      16 Tua ahih ciangin a tawntung thuciamna- in amau ' khang tawntungin Sabbath tangin Isreal mite in Sabbath kem ding uh hi.
      17 Niguk sungteng Topa in van le lei bawlin, a nisagih ni - in a mah tawlnga a, a tha dimsakkik hi. Keimah le Isreal mite kikalah hih Sabbathbni pen limkhat hi tawntung ding hi. Ci hi ' .  ci in ", a ci hi. Paikhiatna.31: 16-17. Isreal te le Pasian kikal thuciamna hi.

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      Dear Readers,
      1. When Sya Khen stated that Sunday as the first day of the week, and Saturday as the last or the seventh-day of the week, it is undeniably and biblically correct. But most of the Sunday keepers / worshipers still believe that Sunday is the seventh-day of the week. They have been misguided first by the early missionaries and then by our protestant pastors and the church elders in their respective congregations.
      Additionally God specifically told us to keep the Sabbath day, the seventh-day "Holy", but not the first day "Sunday" 
      2. Secondly Sya Khen regarded the Ten Commandments as Moses' Law, which showed a total failure in his understanding, about the distinction between God's Law and Mose's Law.
      When you read the writings of Paul, He refers Mose's Law as Ceremonial Law, while God's Law is moral law, to distinguish between good and evil. 
      3. Moses's law is only a shadow of the real thing to come, "that is the death of Jesus". It is only the depiction of the sacrifice Jesus was to offer in due time. By the time, Jesus die on the cross, the Law of Moses has been vanished or abolished.
      4. The Law has never been designed to save the life of human-beings. But to show our sins and shot coming. It is like a mirror as the bible describes.
      5. The law was given to Adam & Eve, and to all human-being. No one can exist without the law and the governance of the living God. No one can hide. 
      6. Every individual human being is going to be judged by the Law of the living God, "the ten commandments" Ecclesiastes 12:13,14, James 2:12-14 Romans 2:12 
      7. Sabbath is important, because God said so. When God said, "it is my Sabbath, you should keep the sabbath holy"... we just have to obey it. It is also the fourth commandment. Hebrews 4:4-11 When you rebel against God's will and disrespectful against God's sabbath, you will receive eternal punishment at the judgment day of God.
      So, the conclusion is that, the seventh-day sabbath observance and salvation is very much still related to one another.  
      God is the one who is going to judge us, Acts 5:29 therefore we should obey God, rather than men.
      God's people who are being saved keep his law automatically, because they have God's Law, in the hearts. Hebrews 8:10 Hebrews 10:16 
      The saints, the remnants people of God, the true Church of God, ..... are those who have the Law of God, and the testimony of Jesus Christ, which is the spirit of prophecy. Revelation 12:17 Revelation 19:10 Revelation 22:14 (KJV) 
      Spirit of prophecy is related to the last events, the eschatological messages that are given to the prophet, to warn us about the things which will happen just before the second coming of Jesus. Now, which church has this prophecy?. Only the true remaining church on earth has this prophecy. If you and your church do not have the ten commandments, and this prophecy for the last day events, you may not be able to protect yourselve from the great deception of Satan. You wil surely fall.       
      May the Lord bless you all!
      Pu Tongseal
      From: Khen Za Sian <khenzs@...>
      To: Leitungkhua <Leitungkhua@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 7:40 PM
      Subject: Re: [Leitungkhua] KI IM THEI KEI
      There are 7 days in a Week the first day is Sunday, the last day is Saturday.  Observing days is not connected with our salvation. Ellen G. White emphasis om the Law of Moses No. 4 missing No 1. Today we worship God in Sunday that was observe by the disciples of Jesus. If the Moses Law could save human being not to need to come Jesus as savior. Before the Law was given who walking with God are believing No. 1.
      Do not crazy in the days but in Jesus, because the Law was given to Israel but the salvation of Jesus is for all human being
      On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 10:43 PM, gin sum <petersum79@...> wrote:
      hi a zah tak huai leitung khua gruop mail ta nu te aw 
      heh pih na tawh ka mail ID pen na group mial pan hong hep khia sak 
      nang in kong thum hi a hang pen lai sim ha lo kawm kal ah zomi TV  hong om ta a hih man hi 
      tua na ngai na n zaw nig cih na hi.a ta tak in ci leng kei ginat loh na hi cih mai ding a hih zawng in mail ownrer hong thei lo ka hih man in tthu lu khat pan a hong zawm hi ing 
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