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Dearly Beloved, THE CLAY AND THE POTTER “[Thus says the Lord:] “Arise and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause you to hear My words....
Bayo Afolaranmi
11:20 AM

Zogam ah Beng vai Theih huai

Opium: A bumper harvest of death in Chin state Tens of thousands of people, from all ages, are being destroyed and enslaved by an epidemic of opium addiction,
Kham Pek
Aug 18

Top News Stories for August 18

ISIS claims responsibility for Barcelona van attack, Second terrorist attack in Spain thwarted, 5 suspects killed, Three major charities cancel galas at
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 18

Top news today - August 17

Additional CEOs leave Trump, Trump disbands economic councils, Baltimore removes Confederate monuments, Daniel Craig confirms one more James Bond film, 1
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 17

Top News for Today - August 16

Trump blames both sides again Law makers from both parties rebuke Trump, Fifth leader resigns from Trump's manufacturing council, Obama tweets one of most
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 16

Top News Today - August 15

Trump denounces white supremacists 3 CEOs quit Trump's manufacturing council after Charlottesville response N Korean ICBMs may be linked to Russia Iran could
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 15

Top News Stories for Today - August 14

- Anti-white supremacist protests held across US - McMaster-Bannon White House conflict heats up - China to Implement UN Sanctions on N Korea - At least 17
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 14

Top News For Today - August 13

One killed in violence over US far-right rally, Trump condemns hate on many sides in Charlottesville, Xi urges Trump to exercise restraint with N Korea, Trump
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 13
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Dearly Beloved, LIVE A LIFE OF THE RIGHTEOUS “Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my end be like his!” (Numbers 23:10b NKJV). The above quoted
Bayo Afolaranmi
Aug 12

Beijing's delaying strategy on the South China Sea - Bangkok Post

Beijing's delaying strategy on the South China Sea    By Nehginpao Kipgen, Political Scientist 12 August 2017   
Kukiforum News
Aug 11

Top News Stories For Today - August 10

 Mattis’ very strong words for N Korea, N Korea considering attack Guam, US diplomats in Cuba possibly attacked by secret sonic weapons FBI raided Paul
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 10

Top News Stories For Today - August 9

 Trump’s 200th day with high disapproval and little trust, N Korea successfully miniaturizes nuclear warheads, 6.5-magnitude quake strikes China's Sichuan
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 9

Top News Stories For Today - August 8, 2017

Scientists fear Trump will bury climate change report N Korea vows to seek revenge against US USDA censors use of the term 'climate change' Netanyahu is
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 8

Top News Stories For Today - August 7, 2017

11 killed in attack at Nigerian church US to respond to Russian diplomatic expulsions Pence denies rumors of a 2020 run 2 killed after attack on military base
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 7

Top News Stories For Today - August 6, 2017

UN Security Council approves new N Korea sanctions UK ready to pay up to 40B Euros for Brexit Trump boosts McMaster amid criticism US officially begins exit
Thawng Tunngo (Thawngno)
Aug 6
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