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  • big_boyz68
    Don t Hate...Appreciate!!! http://www.slykwagnerbrown.net I m happy to say that my Best Of SWB video is now the best selling item on my website! Check out
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2002
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      Don't Hate...Appreciate!!!

      I'm happy to say that my "Best Of SWB" video is now the best selling
      item on my website!
      Check out this recent review:

      "As a wrestling fan, I feel I haven't seen too much actual wrestling
      lately. So, I recently purchased several indy wrestlers video's I'd
      heard about, one of which was "Bigger, Blacker & Blonder", by "Slyk"
      Wagner Brown. High spots, flying, technical, it has it all. How has
      this guy been overlooked for so long? Slyk is from the New England
      area, but wrestles all over the East Coast and is the head trainer at
      Killer Kowalski's. And he is truly talented. This video is a 2-hour
      human highlight film that includes full-length matches with notables
      such as Crowbar, Little Guido, Julio Dinero, Sandman and Baldie
      DeVito. It also includes great matches with rising names like Insane
      Dragon and the ECWA Super 8 Royal Rumble Summit. Additionally, there
      are some funny behind the scenes footage with Slyk and his manager,
      former nWo girl and busty redhead, April Hunter. Oh, yeah, she
      wrestles on this tape, too. So do a few other well endowed beauties,
      like Allison Danger and Miss Bobcat. And !
      finally, a bonus interview with the legendary villian,
      Walter "Killer" Kowalski at his famous school.

      Let me also mention that this tape is of excellent digital quality.
      If you love wrestling, you can't go wrong for $20 and that includes
      -James Scarfini

      I have a few videos still available. Get yours now! Buy both "Best Of
      SWB" and "Bigger, Blacker & Blonder" and get a free signed Wrestling
      Digest magazine and 8x10 FREE.
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