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Down With The Slyk-Ness!

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  • slyksays
    Down with the Slyk-Ness! There has to be a way around the George Washington Bridge. I hate New York traffic. If hating NY traffic means I love you... I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2003
      "Down with the Slyk-Ness!"

      There has to be a way around the George Washington Bridge. I hate
      New York traffic. If hating NY traffic means I love you... I absof%
      ckinglutely love you! April (www.aprilhunter.com) and I sat in
      traffic last night for an hour or so, just for the simple fact that
      most people are too stupid to realize that they don't have speed
      pass and shouldn't f%cking be in the speedpass lane. I could
      understand if there were no signs, but it clearly says speedpass on
      the ground and in flashing yellow lights ahead. C'mon people, no one
      can be that retarted... Beetle Juice is smarter than that!

      I have a new T-Shirt idea in mind. Check out my yahoo group for
      details! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/slykwagnerbrown/

      For just $20 you can have your very own copy of Slyk's hot new
      video... The Underground King! This tape has it all; technical
      wrestling, highflying, hardcore, April Hunter, and more!

      www.SlykWagnerBrown.com has been updated. Look for new gallery
      photos, 2 new reviews, press, updated schedule, and more!

      Check out my main man Toes' website. He's the founder of Slyk-Unit
      and one of my biggest supporters no doubt. It has a little bit of
      everything from rap to wrestling. Check it out! http://www.whatever-

      ROH returned to NJ Saturday night with a loaded event at the Rex
      Plex. Slyk teamed with the Grim Reefer against The Ring Crew
      Express. The crowd was into the match and strongly behind RCE, but
      in the end SWB sealed the deal for his team with a SlykSlam! I
      watched the entire show and thought it was unbelievable. The tag
      scramble cage match stole the show and I would be surprised if some
      of those guys are walking today. ROH returns to CT and MA at the end
      of the month with back to back shows on 11/28 & 11/29.

      Congratulations to Luis Ortiz and Jose Perez on working the ROH show
      in NJ.

      Last night was the 6th Annual WXW banquet. This was my first banquet
      and I had a great time. WXW is the only promotion I've worked for
      that shows this kind of appreciation for their wrestlers. Yours
      truly won match of the year... my opponent Homicide. Thank you!
      April, Ariel, Mana, Gene Snisky, and many others also won awards. I
      appreciate everything WXW has done for us and look forward to
      returning on 11/16.

      The Dream Team debuts for SSCW next week in Cedar Grove, NJ. Bring
      your signs! Also appearing: Dlo Brown, Bam Bam Bigelow, Josh
      Daniels, Damian Adams, Rob Eckos, and more!

      JAPW celebrates it's 6th Anniversary with their biggest show to date
      on 11/8 at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ. The Dream
      Team defends the tag titles in a 3-way against The H-Effect and DRS.
      This is our first title defense and we're looking forward to facing
      two of the best tag teams in JAPW. Also appearing: Mick Foley, Jerry
      Lawler, Al Snow, Sabu, Raven, Coach, Homicide, Dan Maff, and more!

      Joke of the Week

      A man wins the lottery, and then goes right home in a great mood, he
      says "Honey, pack your bags I just won the lottery", she says "Oh my
      god, where are we going?" he says, "I don't care where you go, just
      get the fuck out"



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