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    Don t Hate...Appreciate, What s up pimpjuice? I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday weekend. Because I m sure as hell enjoying my bumpfree Labor Day. Right
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2002
      Don't Hate...Appreciate,

      What's up pimpjuice? I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday
      weekend. Because I'm sure as hell enjoying my bumpfree Labor Day.
      Right now I'm in the process of coming out with another video. I'm
      not sure of a title as yet, so if you have any suggestions, please
      communicate them with me. Here's the tentative lineup:

      Slyk w/April vs. Julio Dinero
      Slyk w/April vs. Frankie Kazarian
      Slyk w/April vs. Steve Corino w/Simply Lucious & Gino Giavanni
      Slyk w/April vs. Balls Mahoney
      Slyk w/Luis Ortiz & Jason Rage vs. Some Jobber From 1998. (This is a
      special vault match or a blast from the past)
      Slyk w/April vs. Mike Quackenbush
      Slyk w/April vs. Chris Hamrick
      Slyk w/April vs. Homicide
      Slyk w/April vs. The Sandman vs. Hammerjack w/Charmin' Charles vs.
      Thunderbolt vs. Larry Winters

      This video also includes Taylor(From TE), Laurie(From ACW), Pimp Train
      (From JAP), and commentary from yours truly on some of the
      aforementioned matches.

      Please forward me your comments, they will be much appreciated.
      Here's a few ways to contact me:

      Slyk Merchandise...(Please Help Maintain This Ad Free

      *Buy the brand new SWB Tshirt. And get a personally signed 8x10 FREE!
      $20.00 http://www.slykwagnerbrown.com/slykwagner_merchandise.htm

      *Buy "Bigger, Blacker, and Blonder" or "The Best Of SWB". And get a
      Wrestling Digest magazine signed by yours truly & April Hunter FREE!
      $15.00 http://www.slykwagnerbrown.com/slykwagner_merchandise.htm

      Next Show...(September)

      5th -My Birthday! (This is a good day.)

      13th -JAP- The Charity Hall. Bayonne, NJ.

      15th -ACW- Riders Cafe'. Waterbury, CT. Slyk w/April vs. Johnny
      Thunder w/ Alura. Also, April vs. Mercedes.

      Joke of the Week...(Things Men Don't Say)

      1. I think Barry Manilow is one cool motherf@cker.
      2. No I don't want another beer. I have to work tomorrow.
      3. Her boobs are just too big.
      4. Sometimes I just want to be held.
      5. That chick on "20/20" gives me a woody.
      6. Sure! I'd love to wear a condom.
      7. We haven't been to the mall for ages, let's go shopping and I can
      hold your purse.
      8. Screw Monday Night Football, let's watch "Ally McBeal".
      9. It's late. Put your clothes back on and I'll take you home.
      10. Honey, I'm going to the store, do you need more tampons???
      11. I know you just blew me, but I need a kiss.
      12. I'm sick of beer, give me a fruit juice with a lemon twist.
      13. Great, your mother's coming to stay with us again.14. I wonder if
      my gorgeous neighbor knows that her drapes are open when she's
      getting ready for bed?. Maybe I should tell her.
      15. No way, you weeded the garden last week. It's my turn.
      16. Better get rid of these old Penthouse magazines. I don't look at
      them any more.
      17. I understand.
      18. This movie has way too much nudity.
      19. Damn, we're late for church!
      21. Put some panties on for Christ's sake.
      22. Eat something!! You are starting to look like a Victoria's Secret
      23. Don't pick that up, I got it.
      24. Happy Anniversary!!!
      25. Hey, isn't today your mothers birthday??
      26. Let's talk, I miss talking.
      27. I am just too tired to have sex again today!
      28. Are you losing weight sweetie??


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      Wwefans@... -WWE
      prowrestlingillustrated@... -PWI

      Check out my video clips. More are on the way. The one on the left is
      a video, and the others are audio clips.

      Check out my newest Slyk Says.

      Killer Kowalski's is having a Summer Special. If you've always wanted
      to be a pro wrestler, but didn't have the funds, here's your once in
      a lifetime opportunity! For just $500, you can train at Killer
      Kowalski's Pro Wrestling School. Please contact me for more info.
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