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  • advantageplayer
    Welcome, This is the Yahoo! Message Board for Blackjack Card Counters Cafe community.
    Message 1 of 9009 , Feb 12, 1999
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      Welcome, This is the Yahoo! Message Board for Blackjack Card Counters Cafe community.
    • wisereyes
      This is a continuation of my last post--an introductory post about me ... wisereyes ... So I made my mind up that I wanted to be a blackjack professional and
      Message 9009 of 9009 , Feb 16, 2005
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        This is a continuation of my last post--an introductory post about
        me ... wisereyes ...

        So I made my mind up that I wanted to be a blackjack professional and
        when I attack something, I attack it wholeheartedly. I read every
        book I could find on blackjack or advantage play. I wanted to know
        everything. I made it a point on each trip to Vegas to check out The
        Gambler's Book Club, in the off-chance that a new book on the topic
        had been released. I subscribed to the Bishop's newsletter (highly
        recommended). I even bought the Patterson "Target" book. Sometimes
        reading and understanding the extremists and kooks has a way of
        providing frame of reference for mainstream blackjack wisdom.
        Sadly, I seem to recall that Mr. Patterson began his career as a
        legitimate card counter. I guess we are all subject to going
        astray. More on how *I* went astray--still to come.

        While I bought casino chips, a shoe, and tons of cards--most of
        my "practice" was in the casino. Practicing at home is fine, but as
        much time as I've spent in casinos, after nearly 15 years, I STILL
        love the atmosphere. So, that's where I learned the professional
        perspective ... right in the casinos (after reading the books). In
        the early days--about the first full year, I played low stakes. At
        first, it was the dollar, two dollar, or three dollar minimum tables.

        I'll never forget one of the first times that I sat down at a quarter
        table. Man, though I could easily afford to lose the money, my heart
        was in my throat. I'm a pretty low key guy, but this new level
        scared the crap out of me--especially with those creeps breathing
        down my neck. It was at the Union Plaza of all places--and I began
        to win immediately. In 15 minutes I had the kind of streak that even
        the worst BJ player in the world would have won with. And my wife
        happened to be with me at the time (she RARELY travels with me on BJ
        biz). Man, was she impressed. I won almost $875.00 or so in varying
        my bets from 1 to 4 units. Having read about the reputation of the
        Plaza, I ducked out quick, even though I was still winning.

        I began making a trip every 30 to 45 days, usually staying 4 or 5
        days--unless I was digging out of a hole. In that kind of situation,
        I often played until my negative fluctuation turned before I could
        even think about going home. I learned pretty quickly to buy the
        kind of airline ticket that was "changeable." Though it's happened
        plenty of times (of course), I couldn't stand that long plane ride
        home, thinking about a long losing streak, so when I could take the
        time away from my "real" job, I would stay until my negative
        fluctuation ended.

        Admittedly, having a "real job" provides security which allows me to
        feel more comfortable with betting outside of the Kelly C. I know
        that my bankroll can be replenished with another deal or two. It's
        quite a nice luxury that many full-time players can't afford. I
        don't think I would have it any other way.

        On one trip in the first few years, right after I graduated to green
        chip play, I have a vivid memory of a most amazing winning streak. I
        was hot as a branding iron and just kept winning--day after day after
        day. After about 4 days, I was up in the range of 4,800., and I was
        almost giddy.

        I decided that I had to stay at Caesar's Palace. I felt like a rock
        star with such a big bulge in my pocket (no jokes please, I'm talking
        about the money). This was back in the days before I understood the
        ease with which I could have easily pulled a room comp. Somebody
        told me that Caesar's had a special on suites for $68.00 bucks per
        night. Well, I had to have one. So I checked out of my normal
        downtown digs (more on that later), and headed out to the strip (cue
        the "moving on up" Jefferson's music).

        Wow. I remember walking on such a cloud that I actually skipped like
        a girl between the dividing lines leading up to the front doors. I
        remember brousing the Forum Shops thinking about something cool to
        buy--something splurgy that I really didn't need. Jeez. Five grand
        seemed like a HELL of a lot of money then, especially when I acquired
        it in such short order. Thankfully, though I still had a LOT of
        learning to do at that point, I *had* acquired enough blackjack
        wisdom to realize that backroll is everything, so I resisted the
        temptation to start throwing money in the Forum wind--at least for
        the time being.

        I am far from a mathematician. Math was one of my worst subjects in
        school. So, I simply trusted that the smart guys from Mr. Thorpe on
        through--just knew what they were talking about. Then, as I began to
        gather empirical evididence in my own BJ career, both positive and
        negative, I understood clearly that these guys were RIGHT ON.

        That's it for now. It's time for me to hit the sack. The next (and
        hopefully last installment) of my introduction will cover, 1) my
        graduation to black chip play, and 2) my backroll buildup, and 3) my
        fall from blackjack grace.

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