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FW: The National Black Agenda Online E-newsletter, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008, Atlanta

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    The National Black Agenda Online (NBAO) E-newsletter www.nationalblackagendaonline.com Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008 Atlanta, GA ... This e-newsletter goes out 3 days
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                                The National Black Agenda Online (NBAO) E-newsletter
      Tuesday,  Feb. 5, 2008
      Atlanta, GA
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      This e-newsletter goes out 3 days a week.  Tell your family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues
      to get aboard the information highway by joining today at www.nationalblackagendaonline.com  
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      Yes We Can - http://my.barackobama.com/yeswecan

      One Big Union
      Fox News Whistleblowers
      Find Your Polling Location by Clicking Here:

      Nelson Mandela


      Martin Luther King, Jr.

      Rosa Parks

      Frederick Douglass

      Harriet TubmanMalcolm X

      Black History Month Events
      Check your local listings. "Banished" is scheduled to air nationally on PBS 2/19/08.
      "From the 1860s to the 1920s, towns across the U.S. violently expelled African American residents.
      Today, these communities remain virtually all white."

      Cathy Harris, Syndicated Columnist - Article of the Week
      "Why Tutoring Businesses and Learning Centers are Essential in the African American Community"
      SUPPORT OUR BROTHERS...and especially our youth... 
      Business Owner will be on "The Cathy Harris Show" this Wed. 7:30 - 8:15 p.m. eastern at
      Company Pushes Products and Programs To Better Educate Youth
      www.uniteedesign.com (Company Website)

      Jan. 30, 2008
      R. Lee Gordon
      Phone: (888) 687-7248

      Ann Arbor, Michigan (NationalBlackAgendaOnline.com) UniTee Design, Inc. (UDI) is on a mission:  to rebuild African-American unity in our schools and communities primarily through the development, support and funding of more effective educational opportunities for today�s youth.

      A youth education and ethnic empowerment enterprise with offices near Detroit, Atlanta, and in New York City, UDI�s primary product and service offerings are youth enrichment (i.e., educational programming and motivational speaking), and ethnic apparel design, production, distribution and sales.

      Using designs that feature the red, black and green (RBG) colors associated with African-American culture, �UniTee Shirts� and �UniTee Bands� educate youth of their rich cultural history, heritage, and achievements of their ancestors to build and strengthen higher levels of self-esteem and self-identity.

      Several designs also incorporate the words �pride, power and purpose� (the 3P�s) to serve as positive life principles.  The 3P�s provide an opportunity to help youth overcome real-life issues such as broken homes, tough streets, gun and domestic violence, and drugs. They are used to promote the importance of education to help children become more resilient to the multitude of negative circumstances and influences they often face.

      UDI reinforces self-identity and self-esteem in children using the RBG colors and 3P�s, and then puts forth specific education programs to help them identify a specific purpose in life.  These programs are typically developed based on direct feedback from youth as to what their interests are to better engage their participation and improvement.

      R. Lee Gordon, UDI�s president, says there is a growing movement to improve the condition of African-American youth through better education.  �By proactively seeking out and engaging the multitude of entities and individuals who share our mission and value our vision, we can overcome fragmentation, create consolidation and build a national coalition to propel our ability to deliver more, effective educational options to the maximum number of youth. Thus, we are willing to work with anyone who will help us support, develop and fund youth education programming that betters the lives of our children.�

      UDI is currently establishing a national network of �Purpose Providers� consisting of concerned citizens, college students, communities and groups to strengthen youth education advocacy.

      In addition to generating revenue through live event and online product sales, UDI uses a variety of strategies such as fundraising, cross branding and cross promotions to fund and develop youth education programs.

      �  UDI is currently teaming with Eastern Michigan University (EMU) to develop a viable and vital student outreach program that will enlist college interns to directly work with the company in various capacities such as business development, sales and education programming.  UDI and EMU hope to also develop a national model that will forge partnerships between colleges and universities, and not-for-profit agencies in the communities they are based.

      �  UDI is also establishing a national peer mentor project initiative that will match college students with high school students, and high school students with grade school students, and empower students to strive for and achieve higher education goals resulting in improved academic and professional outcomes.

      Some of the current programs developed or supported by UDI include:
      �  A self-defense and safety awareness program developed in cooperation with The Detroit Threat Management Center, helps school-aged children feel more assured and able to protect themselves in their communities by gaining the skills and strategic thinking needed to do so, while fostering self-discipline and respect.

      �  The Model Student fashion career development program introduces the world of fashion to schools via instructional photography, videography, fashion design, modeling and hair and make-up styling. The program is also structured to reinforce overall academic performance.

      �  The Public Art Workz is a summer camp that teaches creative arts and merchandising to inner-city youth.  UDI and BlightBusters (a Detroit-based not-for-profit organization) are organizing a major fundraiser in June 2008 that will feature Motown recording artists, The Miracles and The Contours, to support this important program.

      UniTee Design products are currently available at Spectacles and Naim�s Unique Designs in Detroit, Phat Gear in Atlanta, Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University, and major national distribution is slated for early spring.  Several joint ventures are in the works with The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, HBCU Kidz, The Detroit HBCU Network, and others.  UDI is introducing new apparel designs and product lines to include sweatshirts, sports jerseys, baseball caps, etc., and will produce �Purpose Provider� (�edutainment�) events throughout the country.

      For More Information Contact:

      UniTee Design, Inc.
      R. Lee Gordon, Owner
      Detroit Office (Headquarters)
      4190 Packard Road, Suite 2
      Ann Arbor, MI 48108
      Phone:  (888) 687-7248

      New York Office
      359 Warren Street, Suite 1
      Brooklyn, NY 11201

      Atlanta Office
      1706 Cedar Bluff Way
      Marietta, GA 30062

      Author will be on "The Cathy Harris Show" this Wed. 8:15 - 9:00 p.m. at
      Author of "Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word "
      www.hlewismith.com (Company Website)
      Jan. 30, 2008

      Beverly Hills, California (NationalBlackAgendaOnline.com) Before the Michael Kramer Richards and Don Imus' incidents, and the NAACP mock burials of the N-word there was "Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair With the N-word."

      It's a hard-hitting indictment of what the author, H. Lewis Smith, labels as a bizarre love affair the black community has with the N-word. Very little tact or political correctness is found in this book and perhaps the lack of diplomacy and its raw message, is what gives the book its hard-hitting edge.

      In lieu of the N-word's derogatory and demeaning definition, African Americans
      have still continued to uplift the N-word, protected it like a mother instinctively defends her newborn, and placed it high on the altar as if the idiom is something in which to be proud.

      "Bury that Sucka" was written to make African Americans realize their contentment with the mentality racist oppressors instilled and cursed them with centuries ago, and to make African Americans aware that their choice to continue to active the idiom in various ways helps keep the mental chains of enslavement intact, passing the endowment down to generation after generation of African Americans.

      For more than two decades, H. Lewis Smith has studied the idioms, meanings and
      psychological impact of words, and words' energy and vibratory effects on the human mind which in retrospect led him to write "Bury that Sucka."

      "Bury that Sucka" is available online at http://www.barnesandnoble.com and at http://www.hlewissmith.com
      'Nas" NIGGER Album Has Been Pushed Back Once Again
      The N-Word Again - Video

      Where is the Monument?

      by H. Lewis Smith
      Los Angeles, CA - Black History Month: A time for African-American slave descendants to reflect, uplift the honorable triumphs attained by ancestors, and pay righteous homage to African-American ascendants whom fought hard for the freedoms in which African Americans are privileged today? Or is it?

      Descendants of African-American slaves seem to place no value on the valor, courage and fortitude demonstrated by their ascendants. The life and death struggles seem to be unappreciated by these sons and daughters of those once subjugated.

      How is it that some of the most significant moments in Black American History remain ignored and ill-appreciated? For instance, the Middle Passage. African-Americans of today seem to disregard, rather than cherish, the memories of the millions who lost their lives after being forced--shackled and underfed--to walk in slave caravans--sometimes as far as 1,000 miles--to a fate worse than death:

      Ascendants were placed on slave ships bound for the Americas; those too sick or weary to keep pace with the caravans were often killed or left to die. Others that did make the ship either voluntarily jumped overboard as means of escaping the horrific new life, or were deliberately pushed overboard due to failing health. No honoring the memories of these millions who perished during the Middle Passage exists.

      As for the countless numbers who survived the Middle Passage, they were met with an even more dismal fate than the voyage to the new world--the harsh realities of enslavement. They were stripped of their identities, given new names, and taught to envision themselves and their African heritage as inferior and barbaric. Their slave masters insisted on total obedience. This led to complete dependence on the master, which cultivated infantile characteristics in many of the slaves. The masters taught slaves to reject their past while adopting the values of their masters. These transformations were achieved in the most heinous and inhumane ways--through torture, maiming, castrating, sodomizing--ever before witnessed by humankind.

      However, in spite of all torturous experiences endured, the resilience of the African-American slave prevailed. Somehow from these ashes of despair, like the mighty phoenix, arose a solid, strong, and magnificent race of people founded on individuality, pride, and dignity. Negro Spirituals, Blues and Jazz are all by-products of African American ingenuity during these trying times, created to maintain a sense of sanity, individuality, and heritage. These innovations also represented their sheer refusal to allow their spirit to be defeated.

      Yet the struggles, sacrifices, and accomplishments of the African slaves have largely been ignored or underappreciated by their descendants. As though to rub salt into one's wound, no greater evidence exists to support this argument than that of the shameless embracing--by the progenies of African slaves--a word that was used to dehumanize, degrade and demean their ascendants: the n-word.

      This month, rapper Nas will shamelessly release an album entitled, N**ger, and the on-going saga of Aaron McGruder's Boondocks continues. These entertainment figures, comedians, other rappers and entertainers alike, along with many in the general public, are all byproducts of a dastardly mind-controlling past which has conditioned them to disrespect themselves and the sacred memories of their ancestry.

      The chilling effects of a mind manipulating process that slaves fought hard not to succumb to and African-American civil rights leaders gave their lives to reverse has withstood the test of time, continues to be passed down through the generations, and prevails in this 21st Century--at the hand of African Americans. Carter G. Woodson said it best: "When you control a man's thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions."

      This trickling down effect is highly evident in Nas's thought process, who has not only elected the word "N**ger" for the title of his album, but deliberately chose to wait until this month, Black History Month, to release the album. Self-respect, honor, dignity and pride are non-existent among way too many descendants of the once proud and self-respecting African slaves.

      Black History Month seemingly becomes less significant with each passing year. This year is proving to be no exception. Nas will so obligingly demonstrate that his black voice serves as a ventriloquist from the acculturation of the slavery process, casting further aspersions upon the true significance of Black History Month.

      Instead of erecting a monument to the sacred and cherished memories of their ascendants, a maelstrom of contempt, disrespect and rejection exists in its place. Centuries ago, blacks were leading other blacks into physical enslavement. Centuries later, history is repeating itself. Blacks are once again leading other blacks into enslavement, only this time, towards mental bondage.

      Message to the Black Family...

      If your children don't remember, Who their ancestors were, Please don't let them forget,
      That they were a Dignified and Spiritual People.
      -- Gerald W. Deas, M.D., 1988

      For More Information Contact:

      H. Lewis Smith, Founder/CEO
      United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc.
      8306 Wilshire Blvd., #316
      Beverly Hills, CA 90211
      Phone:  (310) 712-2662
      Email:  admin@...
      State's schools shortchange gifted kids, advocates say

      <p>Xavier Wilson ponders which two puzzle pieces will combine to fill the last space on his kindergarten advance-placement test in Fairfax Elementary School in Cleveland Heights.</p>
      Lynn IschayThe (Cleveland) Plain Dealer
      Bill to grant welfare to drug felons clears Senate committee
      RICHMOND -- Those people convicted of drug-related felonies would be allowed to receive welfare benefits under legislation that won a Virginia Senate committee's approval Friday.
      When the federal government overhauled welfare legislation in 1996, it enacted a lifetime ban on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, and food stamp benefits for those convicted of a drug felony. The bill by Democratic Sens. Toddy Puller of Fairfax County and Patsy Ticer
      of Alexandria would restore TANF benefits as long as the person has completed all obligations to the court relating to the charge. The Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee passed the bill 10-2, with two senators abstaining. Ty Jones, an attorney with the Virginia Poverty Law Center , argued that the benefits should be restored because the person convicted of the crime should not be punished twice: once by the courts and again with a lifetime ban on
      TANF benefits. -- Associated Press


      Cop Kill Black Mother and Shoot 14 Month Old



      $100 Million Lawsuit Filed Over Brutality Case
      By Adam May, BALTIMORE
      A police officer and the City of Baltimore face a $100 million lawsuit filed by a man who says he was sexually assaulted.
      Adam May reports Steven Vernarelli claims he was walking to Johns Hopkins Hospital on an October day, when he was stopped for no reason and sodomized with his own paper money by a Baltimore City police officer.
      Vernarelli filed a $100 million lawsuit against Officer Jerome Hill. "He took the money, ripped it and then reached behind me and shoved the twisted pieces," said Vernarelli. The lawsuit claims two other unnamed officers laughed then left.
      Vernarelli was treated for injuries to his rectum at Mercy Hospital . He want to send a message to Baltimore City , Baltimore City Police Department, and to the state, this will not be tolerated," said
      attorney Norris C. Ramsey.
      Baltimore City Police did take action. Officer Hill was the target of an internal investigation sting operation last week. The charging documents state an undercover officer posed as a d rug suspect and when he was dispatched, he punched the internal affairs officer in the face.
      "The officer who was the target of the integrity test arrived at the scene and approached the undercover officer. They exchanged some words, at which point the officer who was the target of the investigation assaulted the undercover ID officer," said Sterling Clifford, spokesperson for Baltimore City Police.
      Hill was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, according to police documents.
      Hill has been suspended without pay and remains free on $25,000 bond.
      (� MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc


      Fake Lawyer Wins 50 Cases in 2 Years 
      Prisoners Get $15.4 Million  


      Political Prisoner San Francisco 8 Hearing - This Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008



      Political Prisoner Mumia Update



      Political Prisoner Al-Amin Update



      Other Relevant Black Issues

      Campaigns Launched to Save Public Housing in New Orleans
      Jena 6 Supporters Should Take Action Against News Article
      Help for Homeowners - Visit www.homeownershiptalk.com and tell your story
      Grandma Forced to Pay Before Getting Into Ambulance http://wcbstv.com/seenon/five.dollar.fiasco.2.644608.html
      The Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers are a group of tremendously talented artists that grew out of the cultural experience demonstrated at Malcolm X Park and
      is founded by Doc Powell.
      Drummers from all walks of life, and from every level of drumming abilities, other musicians of all varieties, and spectators of all nationalities and ages, come together and create a wonderful expression of creative energies.
      From this setting, arose a group of performing artists called the Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers.
      For further information contact Doc Powell, Founder of Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers at 202-459-8157
      Special Tribute to Dr. Asa Hilliard
      October/November 2007 article in Psych Discourse (The News Journal of the Association of Black Psychologists) entitled, A Master Teacher Remembered by O. J. Harp III, Ph.D. about Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III would be good to post on website.
      O. J. Harp III, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, D. C. Public Schools

                ELOMBE and NOMSA BRATH

       Contact: Stanley Banks, 718.622.2237,

                      mtjazzu7@... or

                      Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium

                       23 Pulaski Street , Bklyn , NY 11206

      The Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium/CBJC announces they will host a Jazz Jam Session to benefit unsung hero, Pan Africanist Elombe Brath and his wife Nomsa.  The �Giving Back� fund raiser will take place on Sunday, February 10, 2008 from 3:00 - 7:00 PM at JAZZ 966, located at 966 Fulton Street between Grand Avenue and Cambridge Place , Fort Greene , Brooklyn , NY .  Admission to the event is $25.00.  Refreshments will be available. For additional information contact CBJC at 917.535.9781 or www.cbjcjazz.org


      Support John White at Sentencing

      Date: February 03, 2008 - from www.nycalendar.org
      2/21 THU, 9 am - Court support: for John White at sentencing. African American father faces 15 years for manslaughter while defending his family & home from racist intruders. At Suffolk County Courthouse, 400 Carleton Ave , Central Islip , NY (LIRR to Central Islip ).


      Danbury federal prison guard accused of having sexual relations with inmate
      5:53 PM EST, February 1, 2008, DANBURY , Conn.
      A 38-year-old male prison guard is accused of engaging in a sex act with a female inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury .
      U.S. Attorney Kevin O'Connor says that Michael Rudkin, of Brewster , N.Y. , has been charged with sexual abuse of a ward, a federal crime that carries up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. Authorities say Rudkin admitted he received oral sex from the inmate once in November in a bathroom at the women's prison. A Department of Justice investigation report says the admission came after a sample provided by the inmate tested positive for semen.
      Justice Department agents arrested Rudkin at the prison Tuesday and a U.S. magistrate ordered him detained. He appeared at a bond hearing Friday in Bridgeport federal court and agreed to the detention order.
      Copyright 2 008 Associated Press. All rights reserved.


      Entertainer will reportedly spit rhymes about proper parenting, teen pregnancy and black-on-black crime.

      (February 1, 2008)

            *The world's most famous rap critic has apparently decided, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

            Allhiphop.com is reporting that veteran actor/comedian Bill Cosby will release a hip hop album titled "State of Emergency " to address the same issues outlined in his recent speeches directed toward inner city parents and children.

             The project is said to include lyrics about proper parenting, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, black-on-black crime and the high school dropout rate.      

             "State of Emergency " will also be free of profanity and misogyny, according to the Web site.


      Cops Boot 50 Cent From Mall, 50 Boots Paris Hilton From Stage  http://allhiphop.com/stories/news/archive/2008/02/02/19232637.aspx



      Bill O'Reilly Attacks Homeless Vets for Not Watching Fox News 

      Bill O'Reilly Attacks Homeless Vets for Not Watching Fox News

      Homeless people frequently don't have cable, Bill. Something you might learn if you talked to them. Read more �

      Was Montel Williams Kicked Off the Air for Criticizing Fox News? [VIDEO] 

      Was Montel Williams Kicked Off the Air for Criticizing Fox News? [VIDEO]

      Montel's 17-year-old show was canceled three days after he took Fox to task for overlooking troop casualties in Iraq. Coincidence? I think not. Read more �

      -8 ways to cut back spending (Getty Images)

      8 pain

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