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exposure to glycol ether causes flu symptoms, autoimmune issues, FAT

Did you also work on on of the oil spill cleanups? You have a lot of possible exposure to glycol ether then, such as 2-butoxyethanol, one of the most commonly
May 22, 2011

some doctors are catching on

treatments of gamma globulin help autoimmune issues Aren't most of your issues autoimmune in some aspect? I was talking with a guest at our BnB yesterday and
Jun 8, 2010

another cause of flu

another cause of flu FLU? * Maybe there is another common denominator? Whether or not a particular virus is found, doesn't mean it is the cause of all that
Margaret Diann
Apr 28, 2009

Information ALL doctors need

Information ALL doctors need 2-Butoxy Ethanol is unquestionably Health Hazardous http://www.valdezhousing.com/re/2-butoxyethanolhazardous.htm
Margaret Diann
Mar 14, 2009

aren't glycol butyl ethers harmful?

We will waste our health care dollars if we don't disclose these chemicals to housewives, and if we don't take care to AVOID them Aren't glycol butyl ethers
Margaret Diann
Mar 4, 2009

sniffles - congestion ... can mean exposure to BUTYL

Can cause ANY autoimmune issue: Examples of exposure: when I talked to a city employee on Friday .... . . . & a couple of times throughout the day, it seemed
Margaret Diann
Feb 28, 2009

one of these days doctors are going to start noticing the harm of bu

one of these days doctors are going to start noticing the harm of butyl or 2-butoxyethanol. The anemia is like cinderella's other slipper Find the Anemia *
Margaret Diann
Jan 24, 2009

a cause of Horrible Headaches

Why horrible headaches when there is no brain tumor? A primary cause of HORRIBLE HEADACHES, abnormal blood sugar, body temp, BP & loss of vision .... & loss of
Margaret Diann
Dec 27, 2008

Soldier just died of one of the birth defects that showed up for gul

Green Beret Staff Sgt James Alford is buried with full honors 12/5/08 article James Alford
Margaret Diann
Dec 12, 2008

Barack Obama's mother was born end of 1942

I would group her in the 'baby boomer' group whether technically correct or not. She was only three years older than me, and I feel that I am at risk as are
Margaret Diann
Oct 12, 2008

Seizures? Fatigue? WHY & Help?

Seizures? Fatigue? WHY & Help? http://www.valdezlink.com/re/medhelp/23yroldseizures.htm#reply
Margaret Diann
Sep 20, 2008

The Fatigue that goes with PTSD? second hand exposure?

The Fatigue that goes with PTSD? second hand exposure? * More Fatigue Clues & the pattern that goes with it
Margaret Diann
Feb 27, 2008

For your Sweetheart - Let Me Call you, "Sweetheart" (music plays)

For your Sweetheart - Let Me Call you, "Sweetheart" (music plays) 2-14-08 for your sweetheart, "Let
Margaret Diann
Feb 14, 2008

Can cause horrible headaches, too

There is a horrible type of headache ... that goes with the Chronic Fatigue Immune Disfunction Syndrome pattern of symptoms. (CFIDS or CFS, FM for short) My
Margaret Diann
Jan 5, 2008

A chemical to avoid: THE CFIDS causing chemical

another cause of military compensation: CFIDS causing chemical Another cause for compensation - & a chemical to avoid USA doesn't realize FULL harm of EGBE
Margaret Diann
Dec 28, 2007
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