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  • Betty Peterson
    Feb 10, 2014
      Hi Birders,

      Just to let you in on some interesting bird stories-- my neighbor here in lower Cowiche Canyon still has hummingbirds coming to her feeder.  She had two this morning at 7:30 am and they have come all winter.  She takes her feeder in, off and on during the day and keeps it fresh and unfrozen.  She also is having a few Fox Sparrows in a group.

      I have had a Downy Woodpecker at a suet cake on my deck a few times and I can watch him closely from my kitchen window.  Yesterday, on a winter outing with my son to the Columbia River at Paterson, we had exciting close-up views of Western Bluebirds at the Columbia Crest Winery, eating grapes like crazy inside the gates of the winery in the vineyard.  They were very close to our car where we could sit and watch them until an official from the winery let us know he wasn't happy with us there.  The gate was open and no signs saying 'closed,' but we left then.  We saw 5 or 6 bald eagles and one immature bald eagle and several harriers down by the river. 

      It was an exciting fun day for birding.
      Betty in Cowiche Canyon