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  • magicman32@rocketmail.com
    Feb 4, 2014
      Hey all, Today I had something like 90 Cackling Geese below my house, I haven't counted one group, but I carefully counted 60 in the field and got photos of one group that I'll count later. There appeared to be 4-6 Minima, while the rest seemed to be Taverner's. Andy mentioned a notable number of Cackling Geese on the raptor trip, so my assumption is that they're coming back through. There was also at least one "parvips" Canada Goose in with a few Cacklers. About 300 geese total, but no White-fronted or Snows. Also of note was 11 Double-crested Cormorants that returned yesterday, two days later than they did last year.Thanks!Eric
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