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9795Horse Heaven Hills, Ridge Road: Buntings and Longspurs

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  • Scott Downes
    Feb 4, 2014
      Spent the day doing some birthday birding of the Horse Heavens. Biggest note were the massive flocks of Horned Larks on Ridge Road that contained both Snow Buntings and Lapland Longspur. The first flock was about 175 larks with 2 buntings and 1 longspur. The next was a huge flock estimated at 350 birds that contained 2 each of buntings and longspurs. Total estimate of larks on Ridge Road was 640! There were also 3 Gray Partridge feeding on grit in the road.
      No raptors were seen on Ridge Road which is notable as well.
      Scott Downes
      Yakima WA
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