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10144Wenas Lake Shorebirds-2 August

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  • Andy Stepniewski
    Aug 2, 2014


      2 AUGUST 2014


      Lake levels are still high at Wenas Lake and mud not much in evidence. I managed six species of shorebirds: Killdeer, Spotted Sandpiper, Greater Yellowlegs, Least Sandpiper, Western Sandpiper, and Wilson’s Snipe. Seven California Gulls, all brown and checkered, indicating birds of the year, swam and flew about the lake.


      Canada Goose  13

      Mallard  5

      Pied-billed Grebe  1

      Red-tailed Hawk  1

      Killdeer  7

      Spotted Sandpiper  1

      Greater Yellowlegs  1

      Least Sandpiper  2

      Western Sandpiper  1

      Wilson's Snipe  2

      Ring-billed Gull  1

      California Gull  7

      Mourning Dove  2

      American Kestrel  1

      Western Wood-Pewee  2

      Eastern Kingbird  1

      Northern Rough-winged Swallow  3

      Bank Swallow  15

      Barn Swallow  10

      Black-capped Chickadee  2

      European Starling  70

      Cedar Waxwing  5

      Spotted Towhee  1

      Red-winged Blackbird  3

      Western Meadowlark  2

      House Finch  2


      Andy Stepniewski

      Wapato WA


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