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10140Purple Finch - New Isley Yard Bird

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  • Lori Isley
    Jul 29, 2014
      Monday morning I heard a finch singing from atop the birch tree across 18th Avenue from our house that clearly wasn't a House Finch.  It was singing a beautiful warbling song without all the harsh and strident notes of a House Finch.  So I grabbed my binocular, headed to a good vantage point in my front yard, and watched a male Purple Finch singing away for a few seconds until it flew off over our house heading west. 

      I went inside and grabbed my BirdJam to check my ID of the bird, and sure enough the bird's song was an identical match to the recorded song of a Pacific coast race, Californicus, Purple Finch.  A nice new yard bird for us - number 84!

      The Isleys on 18th Avenue in Yakima

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