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10136Wenas Lake Pectoral and Solitary Sandpiper

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  • Rich712@...
    Jul 28 11:12 AM
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      Friday afternoon after checking bluebird nest boxes, I checked the resort side of Wenas Lake.  As I was driving out, I met Kevin Lucas driving in.  Kevin related that he had seen a Solitary Sandpiper and two Pectoral Sandpipers while viewing birds from the end of the boat ramp on the other side of the lake.  The Pectorals had flushed and headed to the resort side so we went back down and Kevin quickly put the scope on a Pectoral.

      I went back this morning and had a Pectoral at the resort side and then went to the boat ramp and found the Solitary in a strip of mud 80 yards to the left of the ramp's end.  Well, actually at least 12 feet of the ramp is still under water so I didn't really do any viewing from the "end".

      Two gulls are hanging out at the lake...not adults so I didn't mess with them too long.  Kevin noted that the darker plumaged one had a "waddle" hanging from its throat that is visible sometimes when it flies.

      Lark Sparrow families were seen both days...today from the overlook above the dam.

      Wenas Wanderer
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