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10130Hummingbird Nest!

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  • bazinga1006
    Jul 17, 2014

    We had went to Central park in Sunnyside, we headed to a quiet place in the middle of the park. I had been taking photos of plants and insects. Then one of my siblings had spotted a hummingbird flying near what looked like a bunch of debris on a branch, then it had landed in the debris which was actually a nest. after a few minutes another hummingbird came and chased the original out of the nest. I had thought the original hummer might be a youngster. If it was a youngster, it had very good "wings". I got photos of what looked like a black-chinned hummingbird in its nest. I thought this might be rare to find a nest since Andy's book states that he hadn't seen a nest all his life. I put some photos into the groups photo stream.

    Birds seen:

    Cooper's hawk

    Black-chinned hummingbird?

    American crows

    Nicholas Mejia

    Mabton WA

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