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10129Spruce Grouse North Fork Ahtanum

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  • Scott Downes
    Jul 16, 2014
      Spent several hours hiking a road in the North Fork of the Ahtanum early this morning. In addition to just wanting to get out, was targeting this road for a chance at Spruce Grouse as I had a male on this road last fall. It was a wonderful morning hiking up the road. I walked about 2 miles up the road. No grouse to be found. Coming back down I happened to see some movement in an area that was thinned and had lots of downed logs, about a mile up the road. It was a male Spruce Grouse! This was about 7:30 this morning. For those that want to try to relocate this bird, take the North Fork road on the new road south of Snow Cabin Camp. You will cross over a bridge. There is a road on the south side of the road that leads uphill and closed by a gate between the first and second bridges. The thinned area was on the east (left if going up the road) about a mile out. Also of note in the area was a glimpse of a Northern Goshawk as it flew over the trees and disappeared over the ridge. A wonderful morning but was already beginning to heat up by the time I got back to the truck around 9:00.
      Scott Downes
      Yakima WA