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10124Re: 40+ Gulls on Buchanan

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  • kevinslucas
    Jul 10, 2014
      Today from 11 til 11:40 there were from 42 to over 200 gulls in a raft on Buchanan. Arrivals came from the northeast. Departures went to a thermal just east of Sarg Hubbard Park, and exited the top of the thermal in fixed wing glides to the West-Northwest, toward Mt. Rainier. Three Ring-billed Gulls were in the raft with California Gulls (CAGU) when I arrived. Two of CAGU looked larger, and a few looked smaller, but otherwise had CAGU field marks. Two adult CAGU seemed to lack the outer white spots on the black primaries, but had the same look to the inner part of the black patch, along with other CAGU field marks. About 70% appeared to be adults. Scope views were good at mid-day with the sun high, due to less glare. There was still a sizable raft of gulls when I departed. Viewing from the north side of the arboretum might provide a better angle in the afternoon, as long as they're toward that end of the lake.
      Kevin Lucas
      Selah, WA
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