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10119Bobolink tour de fin

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  • Jan Gano
    Jul 7, 2014
      Kevin Lucas, Karen and Joe Zook, Richard Repp and I did the final full Survey for Bobolinks for the season today at Lateral C. Kevin spent two hours watching and listening on a step ladder in the middle of field W3 beginning at 0500 hours. Some of the grass is very tall. Unfortunately, there is no news to report. The Bobolink tally for 2014 remains unchanged with Kevin finding 2 male Bobolinks and Zero females. These males were observed feeding but not hauling food to young. These remaining birds exhibit typical behavior for this time of the year. They are not especially active and do not call very much. They were in the same general location 10 days ago, perhaps 200 yards west of Lateral C about a quarter mile north of Toppenish Creek. This field is where in past years, Bobolinks have congregated at the end of breeding season. These two birds could be the last Bobolinks to visit Yakima County. It would be normal for them to begin their southern migration in the next few weeks.

      A highlight of today's visit came near the end of our tour. I was watching the southern parts of fields E3 & W3 while waiting for Richard to appear roadside about a half mile north. Sighting an object at roadside up where Richard was expected to emerge, I put the binoculars up only to observe an adult black bear cross the road from West to East. Richard emerged only a few minutes later near the same spot. I asked Richard if he had seen the bear. He had not, but he commented, “That’s probably a good thing.” The bear was sighted just south of the “waterhole” in the NW corner of E5, perhaps a 3/4 mile north of Toppenish Creek.

      Jan Gano