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1011840+ Gulls on Buchanan

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  • Rich712@...
    Jul 7, 2014

      At 10:30 this morning, there were 40 plus gulls (most with all white heads - perhaps five darker juvies) floating on Buchanan Lake.

      Too far out for me to be sure of anything, but several had red visible on the bill, eyes looked dark, mantles were medium gray and the one that flew appeared to have yellow legs.  That sort of makes a case for California Gull.  Really couldn't come up with varying size difference or odd head shapes but black on the bill was noted on some views...perhaps direction heads were pointed factored into that.

      Too hot to linger over distant gulls for someone of my gullibility.  The challenge is there for someone needing a tan today.

      Buchanan Buccaneer
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