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Fwd: Our visit to Bhigwan

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    Dear all, This is written in a hurry. Pse forgive, if there any mistakes. Those, whose names are mentined, if they find it not to their liking pse forgive
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2008
      Dear all,

      This is written in a hurry. Pse forgive, if there any mistakes. Those, whose
      names are mentined, if they find it "not to their liking" pse forgive me.
      *Capt haridasan*

      *The place* : *Bhigwan, Kumbhar gaon* : *Hats off to Adesh to select a
      place like these to start the new year birding trip*. It is a heaven for
      birdies. Variety of species, we can see very closely. The birdies who had
      visited Bhartpur recently are of the opinion that this is as good as, if not
      better than Bharatpur! First day we spend on Bhigwan side of the wet land
      and on the second day we visited Khumbargaon. Both places are really
      Wonderful. None of us wanted to leave there. Hope that MBC may make another
      visit soon.

      *The GROUP* : We were 17 and a 0.1 (Veer) in the group. It included 5
      ladies. The group traveled from Mumbai under the leadership of Adesh. Two
      birdies joined us at Bhigwan directly. The group was a lively one. It had
      people with different levels of skills and expertise. There were birdies
      with very little exposure, to birdies with vast experience. It was so
      exciting that every body forgot about water, food etc.
      Dr Choksy, a very humorous person, was the life of the group when we were
      out of the field. He cracked jokes, described his experience and kept
      pulling other 2 doctors' legs, at the end of the trip, Dr. Usha one of the
      doctors, became taller by an inch!

      Mr. Bob a veteran in this field of birding was also with us. His presence
      made a difference. He was ready to share his expertise and experience to one
      and all. Ofcourse Mr. Bob, being very tall, set his scope so high; others
      have to climb on one top of the other to see through his spotting scope.

      Dr. Usha, a very lively lady doctor, was caring carrying a pupa which became
      a butterfly when we were literally watching it coming out!

      *The Journey and Stay* : We started at 07 15 AM from Bandra. picked up
      people from Sion and Chembur. We had breakfast in a restaurant in Mumbai -
      Pune Express highway. Alok and Sohil started sighting birds from there
      itself! What a wonderful start! Ofcourse the traffic jam at Pune delayed us
      a bit. It was decided to go to Bhigwan after lunch. We reached the site at

      The stay at Bhigwan was very comfortable. I was not expecting such good
      accommodation in that small town. The food was also good. Adesh's policy was
      "eat and enjoy whatever you want" with out any restrictions was different
      from normal policy on such occasions.

      The return was also very smooth. We left Bhigwan at 05.30 PM and reached
      Bandra at 11.15 PM. All were in high spirits through out the journey.
      Nobody was tired. all were dreaming of the wonderful experience they had.

      *Adesh, our leader* : There were birdies with very little exposure to
      birdies with vast experience in the group. But Adesh was catering
      everybody's needs including our little birder 3 year old Veer. No body
      felt "left out". Dr. Usha, who could not reach the spotting scope, very
      often, made request to Adesh to bring down the scope to her level. He is so
      patient in answering queries, explaining the habitat, method of
      identification, differentiating species etc He took pain to ensure that
      everybody have the satisfaction of seeing almost all birds. As usual he had
      his quiz program at night which all the participants took sportingly and
      enjoyed. It was very educative and informative to many like me.

      *The Birds* : We could see about 120� 128 species. The detailed list will be
      given by the experts in the team.

      *I am attaching some photos*. The pictures of birds, I hope will be
      published for the benefit of less fortunate ones by those who have taken

      *I hope that MBC will give more such treats in the future. *

      Capt Haridasan
      Tele 022-23623736, (M) 9322837222

      Mumbai Bird Club

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