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Re: Fwd: Bird Fest this weekend

Dear Sir, Its a loss to have missed Bird Fest 2015. Are there any sessions before the next year event ? Regards, Mihir On Thursday, 8 January 2015 6:54 AM,
Mihir Chaudhari
4:29 AM

Zafar Futehally, and Lavkumar Khachar

Dear Friend, Over the past two years we have lost two stalwarts of Indian ornithology, Shri Zafar Futehally, and Shri Lavkumar Khachar. IndianBIRDS would like
Aasheesh Pittie
Mar 25

Bibliography of South Asian Ornithology

Hi, I’ve been plugging away at the keyboard, updating the online 'Bibliography of South Asian Ornithology’ [www.southasiaornith.in
Aasheesh Pittie
Mar 25

Shaheen's mating

At around 0750 hrs this morning I observed the Shaheen's *mating* on the top corner of Oberoi Park residential highrise. The pair mated for about 10 seconds.
Kiran Srivastava
Mar 15

Shaheen with a pigeon

0739 hrs: I happen to go to my balcony and was lucky to notice the Shaheen Falcon fly high past me towards the Western Express Highway, direction NE. Moments
Kiran Srivastava
Mar 13

Re: Fwd: Shaheen pair at Kandivali east

Anil, Sorry, I don't have photographs but I did post a photo of 3 Shaheens on my facebook. Its not a great photo but only to show evidence of these three
Kiran Srivastava
Mar 11

Re: Fwd: Shaheen pair at Kandivali east

Dear Kiranji,A good continued followup of Shaheen's observations. Can you upload some supportive photographs?Cheers.Anil Kunte  From: "Kiran Srivastava
Anil Kunte
Mar 10

...and then there were three!

1128 hrs: For the second time I am looking at 3 SHAHEEN FALCONS, each occupying a separate window ledge, one above the other, of the Oberoi Gardens residential
Kiran Srivastava
Mar 7

Blog:Nepal Birds of Prey Migration Voluntourism 2014

Dear Members, If Birds of Prey are your favourite bird species, than you would enjoy this blog as this blog is all about Raptors and its migration to India.
Prathamesh Desai
Mar 6

Fwd: Shaheen pair at Kandivali east

This morning at a little past 0700 hrs on Holi day I saw the Shaheen pair sitting inside the high window ledge of Oberoi Gardens residential building. about 15
Kiran Srivastava
Mar 5

World Sparrow Day 2015 Theme - I LOVE SPARROW

Dear Friends, We are happy to inform you that the theme for WORLD SPARROW DAY 2015 is I LOVE Sparrows. The theme has been inspired by the hope that more and
Mohammed Dilawar
Mar 4

Re: Lavakumar Khachar

My condolences to his family for this great naturalist. On 2 March 2015 at 18:59, 'ulhas' ulhasrane@... [birdsofbombay] < ... -- With regards, J.M.Garg
J.M. Garg
Mar 3

Birding in Mount Abu, Bikaner, Tal Chhapar and Bera

Hello Friends, The brief one week birding (including travel time) was planned with my birding pals from Mumbai to Tal Chhapar (Churu district) by road . To
Aseem Kothiala
Mar 3

Lavkumar Khachar no more- brief biography (Wikipedia)

  I remember long back I had seen him at Rajkot Anil Kunte------------------------------------Following is his brief biography from Wikipedia (-2 March 2015)
Anil Kunte
Mar 3

Re: Lavakumar Khachar no more.

This is indeed sad to hear. A good man will not easily be forgotten. Regards, Kiran Srivastava On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 6:50 PM, 'ulhas' ulhasrane@...
Kiran Srivastava
Mar 2
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